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Published June 7, 2024

A Comparison of 3DNS and Sedo

An Understanding of the Differences and Similarities Between 3DNS and Sedo

What is 3DNS?

3DNS is similar to any registrar that you might use in that you can register domain names. With 3DNS, instead of your domains being stored in a company database, your domain is stored as an NFT onchain.

3DNS domains are tokenized and ICANN-accredited, offering secure ownership and global recognition. Additionally, all names on 3DNS are also ENS names. Users can manage DNS records directly onchain via their crypto wallet and 3DNS supports payments via both crypto and credit cards, providing flexibility for users. Domains on 3DNS can be traded instantly on top NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and used for decentralized hosting on platforms like Fleek.

What is Sedo?

Sedo stands for Search Engine for Domain Offers and is one of the world’s largest domain marketplaces for buying, selling, and parking domain names. Sedo was founded in 2001 in Cologne, Germany, by Tim Schumacher, Ulrich Priesner, and Marius Würzner. The company was a spin-off from an earlier project of the founders, which involved the distribution of computer games online. It was through this project that they discovered a lack of a central marketplace for buying and selling domain names, leading them to create Sedo.

In 2005, Sedo inaugurated a branch office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. This was part of the company’s continuous policy to expand its footprint into key international markets. Sedo is a global company providing services in multiple languages and offers domain name-related services such as appraisals, brokerage, and various monetization opportunities. It encapsulates most services for actively managing domain names in the legacy domain space.

Similarities and Differences Between 3DNS and Sedo

Although 3DNS and Sedo are offer services for ICANN accredited domains, they operate differently. Both provide a management tool for domain names that allows registration, transfer, and renewal services. They address a vast audience, from individual users to large businesses. However, 3DNS is based on blockchain technology and offer onchain domain management and decentralized web hosting as opposed to Sedo, which is running with its standard and centralized web hosting and domain registration.

Regarding ownership and transfer, 3DNS offers transparent and verifiable domain ownership that allows for easy transfer without intermediaries. On the other hand, the process with Sedo takes both intermediaries and extra verification steps, and it takes a more conventional view. With 3DNS, since your domain is an NFT, it allows for instant transfers, which unlike traditional methods such as Sedo transfers can take days or even weeks.

With 3DNS your domains also serve as ENS names, functioning as decentralized IDs and making them one compostable onchain asset. This means you can send and receive crypto with your domain name and have your domain act as your username within Web3.

3DNS Onchain Domains
3DNS Onchain Domains


3DNS and Sedo play different yet compatible roles in the domain name industry. 3DNS takes to Web3 applications and brings domains onchain. Sedo is more or less considered the most used and widely spread platform where traditional domain transactions happen, focusing on customers and businesses that are comfortable with traditional domain registrars. Recognizing the strength and critical features of each allows users to choose the best platform for their domain needs.