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Published January 25, 2024

3DNS Domain Transfers Are Now Live: Seamlessly Shift Your Domains On-Chain

We’re excited to announce that domain transfers from external hosting providers into 3DNS are now live!


We’re excited to announce that domain transfers from external hosting providers into 3DNS are now live! This means you can now transfer your existing domain names from traditional platforms like GoDaddy and Namecheap to 3DNS, enabling you to easily manage your domains on-chain!

The Advantages of 3DNS

  1. On-Chain Management: By transferring domains to 3DNS, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having your domain as an NFT on-chain, including enhanced security, transparency, and autonomy in domain management.
  2. Seamless Transfer Process: The transfer process has been designed to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible, ensuring that you can easily move your domains to 3DNS with minimal manual intervention.
  3. Interoperability with Traditional Services: Despite the shift on-chain, domains managed on 3DNS remain fully functional and compatible with traditional web services. This ensures that you do not lose any functionality with your existing domains.
  4. Enhanced Security and Decentralization: Because domains on 3DNS are on Optimism secured by your private key as an NFT in your wallet, it adds an additional layer of security against domain hijacking and other cyber threats, while also creating a more decentralized approach to domain management.

How to Transfer Your Domain

Transferring your domain to 3DNS involves a few straightforward steps. Simply checkout with the domain using the transfer function on 3DNS, initiate the transfer on your current provider’s platform, copy the authorization code, then finalize the transfer on 3DNS.

The Future of Domain Management

The ability to transfer domains to 3DNS is a critical component to enabling existing projects in the space to use our awesome tech. We think that once people experience on chain management, that using custodied services will be a thing of the past. 3DNS represents a fusion of web2 and web3, setting a new standard in the domain industry.


The launch of domain transfers is a step towards a future where all domains are on chain, where domain liquidity is order of magnitude higher than it is today and your domain is your digital identity. 3DNS offers you the best of both worlds – the reliability of traditional domain services and the enhanced security and autonomy enabled through smart contracts with onchain domains. It’s an exciting time for crypto veterans and domain owners who are looking to step into the future of digital asset management, and for web3 projects to take their domain security to another level.