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The Go-To on-chain Marketplace for all things domains.

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DID profile builder

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Turn your decentralized identity (DID) profile into a landing page anyone can view.

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Use your domain in any smart contract interaction - rage quit, lottery, etc.

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Our core values

We aim to develop a more secure and trustless Internet.


Preventing domain hacks and protecting our users.


Guaranteeing users’ DNS records are always current and accessible.


Giving users the flexibility to access DNS records without a middleman.


Developing a DNS to work with existing systems and protocols.


Maintaining an open and honest approach to the operation of 3DNS.


Ensuring we can support an ever-growing user base.

From our blog

February 26, 2024

Announcing Nameserver Forwardings

Managing your domain just got simpler and more affordable with 3DNS's latest feature: nameserver forwarding. This new feature is a big step forward for anyone looking to streamline their domain management process, offering an easier, cost-effective way to handle your onchain domain. Let's break down the benefits of nameserver forwarding and how it changes the game.

February 19, 2024

How 3DNS Uses Wallet Signatures to Enhance Security and Simplify Login

3DNS introduces a method to access and secure online data that does away with traditional passwords. This change is less about adopting new trends and more about solving old problems—specifically, the hassle and security risks associated with passwords.

February 14, 2024

Why Did 3DNS Build and Run Our Own Nameservers?

Revolutionizing domain management, our approach ensures that nameservers for onchain domains are exclusively read from blockchain data, offering an unprecedented level of security and control over DNS records.