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Harness the power of crypto with onchain domains, powered by 3DNS


3DNS partners with an ICANN accredited registrar to initiate your domain registration off-chain, then securely tokenize it, providing developers with an onchain asset for seamless Web3 integration.



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Tokenized Domains

Tokenize domains on 3DNS for top security and developer control in Web3. Enjoy instant transfers, manage DNS records via your wallet, and easy integration with dApps and other crypto-native applications.

Pay with Crypto or Card

No tokens on Optimism yet? Gas too high? Not a problem. Easily manage registrations and renewals on 3DNS with your connected wallet or a credit card.

NFT Marketplace Support

Every 3DNS domain name is an ERC-721 token. This means compatibility with every major NFT marketplace including OpenSea and Blur.

Built-in ENS Support

With 3DNS, your domain name doubles as an ENS name — allowing you to use it as a Decentralized ID (DID) which can be personalized with your avatar, social links, and more.

Manage DNS Records Onchain

Take complete control of your DNS records using our powerful management tools.

Service Integrations (Gmail & More)

Easily use your 3DNS domain name with Gmail and take advantage of other common services you've come to expect from traditional registrars.
Coming Soon

Native Multisig Support

Queue, sign, and monitor transactions with multisig-controlled domain names powered by our native Safe integration.
Coming Soon

Bring Your Domain Onchain

Experience real-time domain management on Optimism

3DNS Blog

Superchain Identity, launched by 3DNS and .box in collaboration with Optimism, revolutionizes digital identity management with the introduction of .super.box and .chain.box subdomains. Built on Optimism's OP Mainnet, these subdomains offer the same functionality as traditional domains, providing users with enhanced control, security, and cost-efficiency for their online identities.

Last month, 3DNS announced Superchain Identity in collaboration with Optimism, which consists of super.box and chain.box subdomains. Alongside this, we introduced new Identity Access Management tools, lowered the price for tokenizing domains and more.

Making sure your digital assets are safe is very important. This blog post goes over best practices for managing your NFTs, covering the use of crypto operational security (OpSec) to protect against potential threats.

This blog post covers the key organizations, protocols, and terms that form the backbone of the internet, focusing on domain names. We'll explain the roles of ICANN and IANA in managing domain names, as well as essential security measures like DNSSEC and VPNs, to clarify the complex world of internet infrastructure.

3DNS is excited to announce that we have significantly reduced the tokenization cost to $6.00, which is part of our commitment to making onchain domains accessible for all. Find out how this change brings forth affordability, adoption, and benefits at large with onchain domain management.

3DNS and Optimism are pioneering the future of digital identity by launching Superchain Identity and ambitiously bidding for the .super and .chain TLDs in the next ICANN auction.

This article compares two domain name registrars: 3DNS and Sedo. While 3DNS tokenizes domain names and allow for decentralized hosting, Sedo is a more traditional marketplace for buying, selling, and parking domains.

Check out how to explore and use your 3DNS domains, in addition to a walkthrough of the 3DNS Dashboard and NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. Learn how to actively use your onchain domains for their max potential.

Introducing 3DNS Checkout V2! With our new system, you can auto-bridge tokens from any chain and pay in any currency in a single transaction. Enjoy faster, more cost efficient transactions with no manual bridging required.

Domain hijacking is a huge concern for both individuals and organizations. This blog post goes over some of the most well-known examples of domain hijacking, how it is an evolving threat, and security suggestions for domain protection.

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