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3DNS Features

Learn about the features that differentiate 3DNS from other domain registrars.

Built for developers,
by developers

All 3DNS-issued domain names are composable onchain assets that can be programatically managed and interacted with.

Maximize your domain experience

Tokenized Domains

Tokenize domains on 3DNS for top security and developer control in Web3. Enjoy instant transfers, manage DNS records via your wallet, easily integrate with dApps and other crypto-native applications.

Pay with Crypto or Card

No tokens on Optimism yet? Gas too high? Not a problem. Easily manage registrations and renewals on 3DNS with your connected wallet or a credit card.

NFT Marketplace Support

Every 3DNS-registered domain is an ERC721 token, enabling them to be used on major NFT exchanges or marketplaces such as OpenSea and Blur.

Built-in ENS Support

With 3DNS, your domain name doubles as an ENS name, allowing you to use it as a Decentralized ID (DID) which can be personalized with an avatar, social links, and more.

Manage DNS Records onchain

Take complete control of your DNS records using our powerful management tools.

Service Integrations (Gmail & more)

Easily integrate your domain with Gmail and other common domain services you would come to expect from a traditional registrar.

Native Multisig Support

Queue, sign, and monitor transactions with multisig-controlled domain names powered by our native Safe integration.

Bring Your Domain Onchain

Experience real-time domain management on Optimism