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3DNS Pricing

Decentralize your domain with 3DNS

Tokenize your web2 domain name to access web3 functionality.


13.95 / year

+ $36 tokenization fee


2.50 / year

+ $36 tokenization fee


44.99 / year

+ $36 tokenization fee


12.05 / year

+ $36 tokenization fee

Flexible Payment Options

Pay with any token from any chain — or pay with a card

What does the 3DNS tokenization fee cover?

Web3 service integration costs and features

Flat yearly rate

For $6 per domain per year, you can tokenize your domain

ICANN compliance

3DNS maintains 100% uptime on both an offchain registrar and onchain registrar

Protect your domain

Prevent domain hijacking, theft, and more by securing your domain with your cryptographically-secure wallet

Lower secondary fees

Never pay a fee to list a domain for sale or add a reserve price (including gasless marketplace transactions), only pay 2.5% secondary fees

Transact instantly

Transfer your domains instantly without the need for escrow; no more ghost listings, fake bids, or delays settling

Evolving 3DNS ecosystem

3DNS continues to evolve and enhance domain interoperability, security, and utility