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Decentralize your domain with 3DNS

Tokenize your web2 domain name to access web3 functionality


$11.95 / year

+ $36 tokenization fee


$2.29 / year

+ $36 tokenization fee


$39.89 / year

+ $36 tokenization fee


$11.89 / year

+ $36 tokenization fee

What does the 3DNS tokenization fee cover?

Flat rate per year

For $36 per domain per year, you can tokenize your domain

ICANN compliance

3DNS maintains 100% uptime on both an offchain registrar and onchain registrar

Protect your domain

Prevent domain hijacking, theft, and more by securing your domain with your cryptographically-secure wallet

Lower secondary fees

Never pay a fee to list a domain for sale or add a reserve price (including gasless marketplace transactions), only pay 2.5% secondary fees

Transact instantly

Transfer your domains instantly without the need for escrow; no more ghost listings, fake bids, or delays settling

Evolving 3DNS ecosystem

3DNS continues to evolve and enhance domain interoperability, security, and utility

Incentives program

Optimism rebate

Savings on every domain registered

In partnership with Optimism, we are offering rebates to our early registrants.

Rebates will start at $15 and decline to $6. Rebates will be paid in $OP but will be calculated in USD using a 3-day TWAP according to this formula:

$ Rebate = 9 * (0.99995 ^ domain registration #) + 6

We're allocating 600K towards this program