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Take control of your domain with 3DNS

The first onchain web domain registrar, supporting .com, .xyz, .io, .box and many more TLDs.

Built on the most secure stack in crypto

How 3DNS works

  1. Account setup

    Connect your wallet to create your account

  2. Register or transfer a domain

    Transfer an existing domain from another registrar or register a new one with 3DNS

  3. Manage your domain

    All name records are stored onchain and require the tokenized domain for any updates

  4. Sell your domain

    All domains can be instantly transferred, without any secondary fees or escrow

Find your domain

Reduce DNS hijacking risk

Centralized registrars can be attacked via customer support, leaving you susceptible to domain hijacking.

Instant domain liquidity

3DNS allows for instant transfers and robust financial markets for domains.

Decentralized domain access

3DNS follows ICANN rules, but also allows for domains to be resolved via browser extensions.

Domains as DID profiles

3DNS domains can be linked with the ENS core registry contracts and used as DID profiles.

From our blog

April 17, 2024

3DNS vs. Namecheap

Your domain is more than just a web address—it's your brand's home and can act as an element of your online identity. As the internet evolves, so do our options for domain registration and management. In this blog post we are talking about onchain domain registration with 3DNS, and comparing it to the established service provider Namecheap.

April 11, 2024

3DNS vs. GoDaddy: The Future of Domain Registration

This blog compares 3DNS's blockchain domain services with GoDaddy's long standing offerings. It covers their approaches to technology, security, pricing, and the integration of Ethereum Name Service (ENS), providing a clear overview differentiating the two platforms.

April 5, 2024

Farcaster Meets 3DNS Frame

Farcaster is a groundbreaking protocol that enables us to seamlessly integrate domain shopping into the social fabric of decentralized applications, ensuring user sovereignty and a censorship-resistant environment. Our specialized Frame on Farcaster not only simplifies the domain acquisition process but also exemplifies the potential of decentralized identities across platforms, marking a significant leap towards a more interconnected and user-empowered online world.

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