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Published February 12, 2024

Unpacking 3DNS Checkout Process

Hybrid Payment Infrastructure for Domain Registration

We at 3DNS have done a ton of engineering work over the past year to make 3DNS a user friendly product. This article delves into the technical aspects of our platform, highlighting two main order flows: on-chain and off-chain payments, and how these processes safeguard user transactions while ensuring the integrity of domain purchases.

On-Chain Payments: Secure Blockchain Transactions

On-chain payments allow users to make transactions directly on the blockchain. This method offers transparency and security, with the payment being revocable until the domain registration is confirmed. The key feature here is the ability to collect payment without disclosing the specific domain being bought, maintaining user privacy. Users have a 90-minute window where their commitment is binding, providing us time to register the domain. If registration doesn’t occur within this period, users can revoke their commitment and get a refund, ensuring they only pay for successful registrations.

Off-Chain Payments: Integrating Traditional Payment Methods

For users preferring traditional payment methods, off-chain payments through Stripe is available. This approach doesn’t collect funds until the domain issuance is confirmed, aligning with our commitment to fairness. Payments made this way are non-refundable, with a clear 30-day restriction displayed on the domain’s NFT representation on platforms like OpenSea, indicating the transaction’s permanence.

Transfer Restricted
Transfer Restricted

Transfer Payments: Ensuring Commitment and Security

Transfer payments adopt a similar two-step commitment model. The non-refundable fee emphasizes the users seriousness of initiating a domain transfer. If the domain transfer is not processed within 45 days, the transaction is canceled, safeguarding against indefinite waiting periods. A critical note for users is the risk of losing funds when attempting to transfer a domain they do not own, highlighting the importance of careful transaction verification — don’t try to transfer a domain that you do not own.


The checkout process at 3DNS is built to accommodate the needs of a broad audience, offering both on-chain and off-chain payment options. By implementing a secure, transparent, and user-focused approach, we aim to streamline the domain registration process. Whether users prefer the decentralized security of blockchain or the familiarity of traditional payment systems, our platform is designed to facilitate their entry into domain ownership with confidence and ease.