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Published February 9, 2024

Decentralizing the Front End: Fleek Integrates with 3DNS

Decentralizing Web Hosting Meets Onchain Web Domains

We’re excited to join forces with Fleek.xyz, a cutting-edge platform for Web3 front end hosting and storage. This integration is set to reshape the landscape of web3 frontends by combining decentralized front end hosting with decentralized, self custodied domains.

Intro to Fleek

Fleek.xyz, is the industry standard for decentralized front end hosting. Known for its comprehensive suite of tools for building Web3 apps, it is revolutionizing the way web3 developers interact with decentralized hosting, and storage. The platform’s architecture, designed for freedom and flexibility, empowers developers with a CLI, SDK, API, and a feature-rich UI that enables the creation of robust, performance-optimized decentralized frontends.

How are Most Web3 Frontends Hosted Today?

The protocols that exist today, like Ethereum, are works of art, balancing scalability, decentralization and security. But to interact with any of the decentralized protocols means you must first ask for permission through AWS, or any other centralized cloud provider. This is something that isn’t widely talked about in crypto, but true — most websites are hosted on centralized infrastructure, and are a point of censorship.

This is why Fleek exists, to provide permissionless and decentralized front end hosting for websites and applications. It’s a noble mission, and one that will only become more crucial as more people become aware to the risks of hosting on centralized providers.

Why is The Partnership so Important?

For an industry that touts decentralization, there are unfortunately many points of centralization that still exist today. The biggest areas of censorship in web3 applications rests on their frontends — hosting and domains. As we’ve seen with countless exploits on AWS Cloud services, and the millions of dollars lost due to DNS Hijacking in some of the biggest protocols, decentralizing the front end is critical to the web3 space moving forward.

Integration overview

To start, we’ll be highlighting each others services within our applications. For 3DNS, that will be within our newly launched “services” section on your domain settings.


And on Fleek, users can now learn of 3DNS when they’re adding a custom domain to their site.


This is a v1 launch for the collaboration, and in the future, we plan to integrate each other directly into our applications. That means from the 3DNS dashboard, you’ll be able to launch a website on Fleek, and on Fleek you’ll be able to purchase a 3DNS domain. This will make the experience all that more useful and easy.


Our integration with Fleek.xyz is a step towards a truly decentralized web experience. By harmonizing decentralized front-end hosting with self-custodied domains, we are marking a pivotal shift from reliance on centralized systems to a more resilient, decentralized, user-controlled framework.