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Published June 17, 2024

3DNS Lowers Tokenization Fee to $6, Making Onchain Domains More Accessible!

Expanding Access to Secure Onchain Domain Management for Everyone

Onchain Domains: Disrupting the Status Quo at 3DNS

At 3DNS, we are revolutionizing domain management. Our mission to democratize access to onchain domains continues with our reduction in our fee pricing structure for tokenization. We’ve reduced the tokenization cost to just $6.00! This is a major step forward in enabling more users to unlock the benefits of onchain domain management.

The Power of Onchain Domain Management

Onchain domain management is the cornerstone of 3DNS. We provide secure tokenization that amplifies the value of your domains. With our newly reduced fees, a broader audience can now harness the full spectrum of 3DNS capabilities. Experience instant transfers and list your domains on top NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, where transparency reigns for all sales and offers.

ICANN-Accredited Domains: Trust and Authenticity

At 3DNS, we don’t just meet standards; we set them. Our domains are ICANN-accredited, ensuring they work in all existing web technology and are globally recognized. This accreditation adds a robust layer of trust and credibility to the world of crypto domains. Every 3DNS domain is managed directly onchain, allowing you to manage your DNS records seamlessly and securely on the blockchain.

Integration with ENS

Our domains are dynamic tools that double as ENS (Ethereum Name Service) names. This integration bridges the gap between traditional domains and the Web3 ecosystem, making transactions and interactions on the Ethereum network smoother and more intuitive. Say goodbye to cumbersome strings of random characters and hello to human-readable names that simplify your digital life.


Join us at 3DNS and be part of the future of domain management. We’re not just making domains accessible; we’re making them powerful. Welcome to the new standard.