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Published April 23, 2024

Register .box Domains via ENS Manager App

Easy Access and Registration, Powered by 3DNS

What is .box?

.box domains are the world’s first fully onchain Top-Level Domain (TLD). Powered by 3DNS technology, .box domains combine ENS and DNS into one onchain asset. The security and ease of transfer associated with being fully onchain is not possible in Web2. 3DNS and .box provide these benefits while ensuring complete functionality within Web2 and Web3. This means .box domains function as more than just a URL—they allow you to send and receive cryptocurrency, interact with decentralized applications (dApps), and manage your online presence across both Web2 and Web3.

Globally recognized due to their ICANN accreditation, .box domains maintain reliable and secure operations across the internet. This includes using the domain for email addresses, resolving on all web browsers, and more.

In addition to leading the way as the first fully onchain domain, .box domains also offer a community revenue sharing program. This allows users to earn by sharing a unique referral link. For each successful referral that results in a domain purchase, the referrer receives $18 in USDC.

.box Integration with the ENS Manager App

The integration of .box domains into the ENS Manager App makes it easier than ever for users to access and register .box domains. When users search for .box domain options within the ENS app, they can find and select .box domains and the ENS app automatically directs users to the my.box registration platform, where they can complete their purchase. This direct linking simplifies the user experience by connecting the initial search directly to the purchase site without the need for additional steps. This is a massive distribution push for onchain domains, and we couldn’t me more exicited for our partner .box.

The Role of 3DNS in .box Domains

3DNS technology powers .box domains, in addition to powering over 420 TLD’s like .com, .io and more. This means that any domain purchased or transferred into 3DNS, including .box, will function seamlessly in Web2, for your website or email, and Web3, as your ENS name. With our read only nameservers, all data that’s relayed in Web2 comes from onchain data, meaning your website and ENS records are as secure as the state on Ethereum. .box is the first project to be built on top of our soon to be released Multi Tenant API, and soon you’ll be able to build on top of 3DNS too.

The 3DNS custom resolver developed on Optimism allows for affordable onchain domain management. This resolver handles data on L2 relaying it to the Layer 1, significantly reducing costs.


The collaboration between .box domains and the ENS Manager App amplifies the distribution of onchain domains while simplifying the way users access and register domains. 3DNS is proud to be a part of this integration, making domains secure, scalable, and fully functional within both Web2 and Web3. Get started now on app.ens.domains.