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Published November 1, 2023

About .auction Domains

Embracing the digital era with .auction domains

A Brief History

.auction , like all other alternative TLD’s, started through ICANN’s New gTLD Program. As a bid to diversify the domain name landscape, this program commenced its first round of applications on January 12, 2012, concluding on April 20, 2012. The initiative aimed at allowing new registry operators to manage new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs), thus providing a wider array of domain options for entities and individuals. Among the myriad of applications, the .auction domain emerged, marking a new chapter in domain history on July 18, 2014, when it was delegated to the Root Zone.

The Journey of .auction TLD

The beginning of .auction was with Donuts (SandGalley, LLC). This start-up registry company, enriched by domain industry veterans, showcased its ambitious endeavor by applying for 307 gTLDs. A notable step was the submission of a Public Interest Commitment, underlining its dedication towards serving the domain community’s interests.

A private deal transpired in February 2014 between Uniregistry and Donuts, resolving several New gTLD string contention sets concerning the two companies exclusively. This private deal led to Donuts being the sole applicant for .auction, .furniture, and .gratis, while Uniregistry secured .audio and .juegos. Though private auctions were a matter of discussion, the result undeniably marked a pivotal point in the journey of .auction domain.

A Domain for Auctioneers: From Gavels to Global Reach

The auction industry has a rich history, now embracing the digital frontier. The .auction domain extension serves as a distinctive digital address, honing in on businesses, associations, and groups involved in the auction industry. This domain isn’t merely a web address but a bold statement about the entity’s core focus and services, aligning perfectly with auction houses, online auction platforms, and auctioneers.

Advantages of .auction Domain

  • Specificity: The .auction domain immediately communicates the nature of the business, a crucial asset for auction-related entities.
  • Availability: Being a relatively new and specific domain, there’s a higher probability of obtaining the desired web address.
  • Qualified Web Visitors: It aids in attracting a targeted audience, ensuring that the visitors are interested in auction services.
  • Brevity: A .auction domain can provide a shorter and more intuitive web address, making it an attractive choice for entities in this sector.

Competitive Analysis: .auction TLD Versus Other Similar TLDs

.auction vs .bid

  • Specificity: .auction specifically caters to the auction industry, whereas .bid can be broader, encompassing other bidding contexts.
  • Industry Recognition: .auction has a direct reference to auction-centric businesses, potentially providing better industry recognition.

.auction vs .sale

  • Target Audience: .auction appeals to a particular niche of auction services, while .sale targets a broader audience related to sales.
  • Versatility: .auction offers a unique niche focus compared to .sale, making it a more precise choice for auction-related ventures.

Trust Factor: .auction vs. .com and Other TLDs

Trust plays a pivotal role in user engagement. Here’s how .auction competes against .com and other TLDs in terms of trust:

Familiarity and Tradition

  • .com continues to hold a traditional trust due to its longstanding presence. However, .auction builds trust through its descriptive nature, immediately communicating the website’s focus to users.

Relevance and Descriptiveness

  • .auction provides a highly descriptive and relevant domain choice for auction-related businesses, which can aid in building trust among users seeking such services.


  • Both .com and .auction can project a level of professionalism if the website is well-designed, secure, and provides valuable content.

SEO and Online Visibility

  • Search engines don’t discriminate based on TLDs, thus a .auction domain with relevant and quality content can potentially rank well for auction-related queries, aiding in building trust through better search engine rankings.

5 Industries That Would Benefit from Using .auction Domain

  1. Online Auction Houses: The primary beneficiaries would be online auction houses that operate platforms for buying and selling goods and services through bid-based processes. A .auction domain succinctly communicates the nature of their business to visitors.
  2. Real Estate Auctioneers: Real estate firms specializing in auctioning properties could significantly benefit from a .auction domain, helping them to distinctly market their auction services.
  3. Antique Dealers: Antique dealers and galleries that hold auctions for vintage items and collectibles can utilize a .auction domain to highlight their auction events and offerings.
  4. Automotive Auctioneers: Companies that auction vehicles, either online or in physical locations, could adopt a .auction domain to clearly denote their auction-centric sales approach.
  5. Charity Organizations: Charities often hold auctions as fundraising events. A .auction domain can help promote these events, making clear the auction aspect of the fundraiser.

Claim Your Digital Hammer

The .auction domain stands as a beacon for auction-related entities, providing a unique, relevant, and intuitive digital address in a crowded online space. It’s more than just a domain; it’s a narrative, a distinct indicator of auctions, and a smart choice for entities within this industry.


Will People Know and Trust the .auction Domain Extension?

The recognition and trust associated with the .auction domain will largely depend on its adoption within the auctioneering community. However, due to its descriptive nature, it’s likely to be quickly recognized and trusted by individuals and businesses involved in auctions, as it clearly denotes the industry it represents.

Is .auction Good for SEO?

Like other gTLDs, the .auction domain doesn’t inherently provide an SEO advantage. The SEO performance of a website is primarily influenced by factors such as quality content, backlinks, user experience, and adherence to SEO best practices, irrespective of the domain extension. However, having a relevant keyword such as ‘auction’ in the domain name can be beneficial for SEO in terms of relevance to the user’s search query.

How much does it cost to register a .auction domain?

Securing your unique digital presence in the auction industry has been made affordable and straightforward with 3DNS. The .auction domain can be acquired and renewed at a competitive price of $26.99/yr. Unlike other domain extensions that might come with higher costs, the .auction domain offers a cost-effective way to explicitly highlight your auction-oriented business or event.

Who can register a .auction domain?

The .auction domain is open for registration to anyone, although it’s particularly suited for individuals, businesses, and organizations involved in the auctioneering sector. This includes auction houses, online auction platforms, dealers, and collectors.

ICANN Registry Agreement for .auction

The governance of the .auction domain is structured by a Registry Agreement between the designated registry operator and ICANN. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions for managing the .auction domain namespace, ensuring adherence to stipulated standards for the benefit of registrants and the broader internet community.

Wrapping Up

The .auction domain is not a mere trend; it’s an echo of modern-day digital necessities. As the auction market continues to evolve, owning a .auction domain allows entities to carve a niche, resonate with their target audience, and stand out in a densely populated digital landscape. Like .com, .auction is not just a domain; it’s a narrative, a clear indication of the business it represents, and a prudent choice for those within the auction industry.