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Published November 17, 2023

About .cash domains

Learn more about .cash domains. Register a .cash domain.

About .cash domains

A Brief History

Much like the .com domain paved the way for digital identities, the emergence of newer, more descriptive domain extensions under ICANN’s New gTLD Program has added a new dimension to online branding. Among the multitude of new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) introduced, .cash found its place as a domain extension specifically catering to financial sectors and services. This initiative by ICANN was aimed at diversifying the domain space, fostering competition, and enhancing consumer choice. .cash domain, managed by Donuts Inc. through its subsidiary Delta Lake, LLC, is a part of this modern evolution, providing a clear and direct naming option for businesses, individuals, and organizations dealing with monetary transactions and services.

Emergence of .cash TLD

The .cash TLD was proposed in ICANN’s New gTLD Program, where Donuts Inc., through Delta Lake, LLC, became the applicant and eventual Registry Operator for this new domain extension. The application succeeded, and .cash was delegated to the Root Zone on 23 April 2014, marking its availability for registrations. This domain extension was envisioned to provide greater expression on the internet and is an open TLD without pre-registration policies. It adheres to all registration policies required by ICANN, with defined remediation and takedown policies to ensure compliance.

Digital Money

In a world where cash is king, the .cash domain extension provides a relevant extension for entities involved in fin-tech, cash handling, financial advising, and other money-related services. It’s not just a domain; it’s a statement of focus and service, aligning perfectly with businesses and individuals in the financial sector.

Advantages of .cash Domain

  • Specificity: .cash domain extension clearly communicates the financial nature of the business.

  • Availability: As a relatively new extension, there’s a higher chance of obtaining the desired web address.

  • Qualified Web Visitors: It helps in attracting a targeted audience, ensuring that visitors are interested in financial matters.

  • Brevity: A shorter and more intuitive web address can be achieved, making it memorable and easy to type.

Industries The Would Benefit from .cash Domain

  1. Financial Services

Financial institutions, fintech startups, credit unions, and other monetary service providers can use the .cash domain to create a direct and memorable online presence.

  1. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Companies and platforms dealing in digital currencies or blockchain technology might find a .cash domain relevant, especially if their services relate to cash transactions or conversions.

  1. Retail and E-Commerce

Retailers and online marketplaces, especially those dealing primarily in cash transactions, can benefit from a .cash domain to highlight their payment preferences or cashback offers.

  1. Gambling and Betting

Online casinos, betting platforms, and lottery sites can utilize the .cash domain to emphasize cash prizes or cash-based transactions.

  1. Cashback and Rewards Programs

Platforms offering cashback, rewards, or other money-saving programs can employ the .cash domain to directly communicate their value proposition to consumers.

Competitive Analysis: .cash TLD Versus Other Similar TLDs

The .cash Top-Level Domain (TLD) provides a unique niche for entities in the financial sector. Here’s a comparative analysis of .cash with other similar TLDs:

.cash vs .finance

  • Specificity: .cash is more direct and might appeal to businesses dealing with physical money, whereas .finance has a broader scope including all financial services.

  • Industry Recognition: Both domains are self-explanatory, but .finance may cater to a broader audience.

.cash vs .money

  • Target Audience: Both TLDs are suitable for financial sectors, but .cash could be more appealing to cash handling or cash-based businesses.

  • Versatility: Both offer a clear indication of the financial focus, but .money might be perceived as more generic.

.cash vs .bank

  • Descriptiveness: .cash is versatile and can be used by various financial entities, while .bank is specific to banking institutions.

  • Regulatory Requirements: .bank has stringent security and verification requirements, while .cash is more accessible.

.cash vs .loan

  • Clarity: .cash is more general whereas .loan is very specific to lending services.

  • Search Relevance: .loan may have a higher relevance for lending services, but .cash is versatile for various financial services.

Trust Factor: .cash vs. .com and Other TLDs

The trust factor is crucial for financial services. Here’s how .cash stacks up against .com and other TLDs in terms of trust:

  • Familiarity and Tradition: .com has a longstanding tradition of trust, but .cash provides a descriptive and industry-relevant alternative.

  • Professionalism: Both .com and .cash can project professionalism if the website is well-designed and secure.

Total Registrations

With a registrant count hovering around 18,989, the .cash domain exhibits a vibrant registration dynamic. However, a significant portion, about 53.11% of these domains, are parked domains.

Market Trends

The .cash domain resonates with commercial and financial undertones, carving a niche in the digital domain landscape. It holds the potential to serve as a digital identifier for a plethora of financial services, transactions, or information platforms. Despite the emergence of other finance-related TLDs, .cash holds its ground with a simplistic yet impactful semantic essence.


Is .cash Good for SEO?

The .cash domain per se may not inherently boost SEO, however, its explicit financial denotation could enhance user relevance and search clarity for financially oriented services or information, potentially benefiting SEO rankings over time.

How Much Does a .cash Domain Cost?

The cost for registering and renewing a .cash domain costs $11.99 on 3DNS.

Who Can Register a .cash domain?

The .cash domain adheres to an open TLD policy, enabling any individual or organization to register a domain, provided they adhere to the registration policies set forth by Donuts and ICANN.

Will People Know and Trust the .cash Domain Extension?

The .cash extension, with its straightforward semantic connotation, is likely to be recognized for financial or commerce-related digital spaces. Trust might be accrued over time based on the credibility and security protocols adhered to by the domains operating under this extension.

Fun Facts about .cash domains

  1. Direct Connotation: The .cash domain extension offers a modern twist to digital branding in the financial sector. Unlike traditional domain extensions, .cash provides a creative and direct way for businesses, individuals, or organizations dealing with cash, finance, or monetary transactions to present themselves online. The .cash domain directly resonates with financial undertones, making it an intuitive choice for relevant digital platforms.

  2. Open TLD Policy: Unlike some domain extensions that have restrictions or verification requirements, .cash domains are open for registration by anyone without any pre-registration verification. The open TLD policy of .cash opens the door for a broad spectrum of registrants, fostering a diverse domain registrant base.

ICANN Registry Agreement for .cash

The operation of the .cash domain is governed by a Registry Agreement between Donuts Inc. and ICANN. This agreement outlines the operational, technical, and policy frameworks for managing the .cash domain namespace.

You can explore the details of the Registry Agreement for .cash on the ICANN website.

Should I Get a .cash domain?

The .cash domain extension is more than just a trend; it’s a statement of clarity and focus in the financial sector. With a .cash domain, financial entities can carve a unique niche, stand out, and resonate with their target audience in a highly competitive digital landscape.