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Published November 16, 2023

About .fun domains

Learn more about .fun domains. Register a .fun domain.

About .fun domains


The .fun Top-Level Domain (TLD) is a domain that brings up the emotions of enjoyment, amusement, and light-hearted content. This TLD aims to create a unique space on the internet for individuals and entities focused on delivering engaging, entertaining, and fun experiences to audiences of all ages.

Auction and Allocation

The allocation of the .fun TLD auction had three entities vying for its control: dotStrategy Co., Google (Charleston Road Registry Inc.), and Oriental Trading Company, Inc. (OTC). Each had its distinct vision for the TLD’s utilization:

  • dotStrategy Co. - envisioned a family-oriented online domain for creators of amusing content, partnering with Neustar for back-end registry services.

  • Google - through Charleston Road Registry Inc., aimed to utilize its robust Registry platform for technical registry operations, marking one among its 101 domain name string filings.

  • Oriental Trading Company, Inc - sought to leverage the TLD to fortify its brand identity, ensuring an authoritative domain space for authentic consumer interactions and transactions, also opting for Neustar for back-end registry services.

Delegation and Ownership

Post-auction, the ownership of the .fun TLD was secured by Radix in December 2016, broadening its portfolio of generic top-level domains. The acquisition steered .fun towards becoming a hub for entertainment-centric individuals and organizations striving to captivate and entertain their target audiences.

Usage and Adoption

The .fun TLD has found resonance among a diverse range of entertainment-oriented entities. From platforms assisting parents in discovering safe play areas for children to event organizers crafting memorable experiences for companies, the .fun domain has become synonymous with enjoyable, entertaining, and safe online spaces. The TLD’s usage reflects a growing trend among digital entities to adopt descriptive and memorable domain extensions that resonate with their brand ethos and audience expectations.

The .fun TLD underscores the evolving narrative of the internet becoming a more segmented, descriptive, and user-centric space. As digital audiences continue to grow, the demand for distinct, memorable, and descriptive domain spaces like .fun is likely to increase. Moreover, the success and acceptance of the .fun TLD could potentially inspire the inception of more thematic TLDs, further enriching the digital landscape with diverse and meaningful domain spaces.

Advantages of .fun Domains

The .fun domain extension is a modern and creative choice for businesses, individuals, and organizations looking to establish an online presence that exudes a sense of enjoyment, amusement, or leisurely activity. Here are some notable advantages of opting for a .fun domain for your online presence:

  1. Engaging Branding:
  • A .fun domain immediately communicates a lighthearted or enjoyable aspect to your brand or content. It’s an excellent choice for brands that want to appear approachable and engaging to their audience.
  1. Memorability:
  • The .fun domain is easy to remember, which can be beneficial for word-of-mouth and return visitors. It’s catchy and can help make your website stand out in a crowd of .coms.
  1. Industry Relevance:
  • For businesses in the entertainment, gaming, or leisure industries, a .fun domain can provide an industry-relevant online identity that resonates well with the target audience.
  1. Availability of Desired Names:
  • As a newer and less common domain extension, there’s a higher likelihood of finding the desired domain name available on .fun compared to more generic domain extensions like .com or .net.

Industries That Would Benefit from .fun Domains

The .fun domain extension is a catchy and modern choice that resonates well with enterprises associated with enjoyment, entertainment, or leisure activities. Here’s a look at three industries that would significantly benefit from adopting a .fun domain for their online presence:

  1. Entertainment and Gaming:

The entertainment and gaming industries are all about providing fun experiences. A .fun domain extension can be an excellent fit for companies in these sectors, be it a gaming studio, an entertainment app, or a fun zone. It’s a straightforward way to communicate the core offering right in the domain name. For example, a domain like playhouse**.fun** or gametime**.fun** can be instantly appealing and memorable to audiences looking for entertainment and enjoyment.

  1. Event Planning and Parties:

Event planning companies, party planners, and related businesses aim to create enjoyable experiences for their clients. A .fun domain can encapsulate the essence of what these businesses provide. It’s a creative and modern way to brand an event planning business. For instance, domains like partyplanners**.fun** or events**.fun** can instantly convey the fun and celebrative nature of the services offered, making it an attractive choice for individuals and companies looking to organize memorable events.

  1. Travel and Tourism:

Travel and tourism businesses are all about exploring new places and having fun adventures. A .fun domain can be a perfect choice for travel agencies, tour operators, or adventure sports providers aiming to attract travelers looking for enjoyable experiences. Domains like adventure**.fun** or travel**.fun** can be catchy, easy to remember, and convey the exciting aspect of the services offered.

Competitive Analysis: .fun TLD Versus Other Similar TLDs

In the modern digital era, choosing the right domain extension is crucial for establishing a strong online identity. The .fun top-level domain (TLD) is a creative and engaging choice, especially suited for industries related to entertainment, leisure, and amusement. Let’s delve into how .fun stands against other similar TLDs in terms of branding, memorability, and industry relevance.

.fun vs .games

  • Target Audience:

  • .fun appeals to a broader audience looking for enjoyable or leisurely content, while .games specifically targets the gaming community.

  • Versatility:

  • .fun is versatile and can be used by various industries, from entertainment and event planning to travel, whereas .games is more niche and suited for gaming-related platforms.

.fun vs .play

  • Engagement Level:

  • Both .fun and .play evoke a sense of engagement and enjoyment, though .play might be more associated with interactive or gaming experiences.

  • Industry Relevance:

  • .fun could be more suited for a diverse range of industries that focus on fun or enjoyable experiences, while .play might be more relevant to play-centric or interactive platforms.

.fun vs .entertainment

  • Domain Length:

  • .fun is shorter and easier to remember compared to .entertainment, which could be perceived as lengthy.

  • Directness:

  • .fun provides a direct and straightforward implication of fun, while .entertainment is more formal and broad in its approach.

.fun vs .party

  • Specificity:

  • .party is specifically suited for party-related businesses or events, while .fun has a broader appeal and can be used by any business or individual looking to convey a sense of enjoyment.

  • Brand Appeal:

  • .fun might have a broader brand appeal due to its generic yet engaging nature, whereas .party is more niche.

.fun vs .events

  • Event Focus:

  • .events is clearly tailored for event-related websites, while .fun can encompass events and much more.

  • Engagement Indication:

  • .fun inherently indicates an enjoyable or entertaining aspect, which may not be as explicitly conveyed with .events.


Is .fun Good for SEO?

Like other domain extensions, the SEO impact of a .fun domain primarily depends on the quality, relevance, and user-friendliness of the website content.

What does it cost to register a .fun domain?

It costs $2.99 to register and renew a .fun domain on 3DNS.

Who Can Register a .fun domain?

Anyone is able to register a .fun domain

The .fun Registry Agreement

The Registry Agreement for the .fun TLD was formulated in alignment with ICANN’s stipulations, defining the operational, technical, and administrative framework governing the TLD’s management. The registry agreementoutlines the responsibilities and commitments of the registry operator towards maintaining a secure, stable, and compliant domain space.


The journey of the .fun TLD from its conceptualization to its current status as a sought-after domain for entertainment-related entities exemplifies the dynamic evolution of the internet’s domain name system. Through competitive auctions, strategic alliances, and a clear vision for delivering value to the digital community, the .fun TLD has carved a niche for itself within the expansive domain name ecosystem. As it continues to foster a digital environment conducive to fun, engagement, and safe entertainment, the .fun TLD stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities that thoughtful domain name allocation and management can unlock in the ever-evolving digital realm.