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Published November 15, 2023

About .fund domains

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About .fund domains

The .fund domain represents a distinct sphere within the digital domain landscape, offering a specialized space for financial endeavors, fundraising, investment firms and more. The .fund Top-Level Domain (TLD) was conceived as part of ICANN’s New gTLD Program, with Donuts (John Castle, LLC) emerging as the successful applicant and the Registry Operator for this domain. The journey of .fund from its proposal to its current operational status reflects a narrative of enhancing the internet’s namespace, promoting competition and creating a specific online space for funding and financial activities.

Application Details

The genesis of .fund is intertwined with Donuts Inc., a parent applicant for multiple TLDs, with a vision of bolstering competition and consumer choice at the top level. Donuts, with an impressive capital backing of over US$100 million, positioned itself as a well-resourced entity capable of operating TLDs safely and securely within a shared resources business model. The .fund TLD was perceived as an attractive and useful domain that would cater to a wide array of internet users, particularly those involved in financial sectors like mutual funds, venture capital, hedge funds, and non-profit fundraising. The domain aims to provide a dedicated online space for individuals and entities seeking or providing capital or other resources for various purposes.

The overarching objective was to provide operational and financial stability for TLDs, competing robustly against incumbent gTLDs while executing consumer and rights holder protections uniformly. With an inclusive approach to registration policies, Donuts envisaged .fund as an open domain, promoting legitimate usage while implementing robust mechanisms to counter abuse and fraud. The commitment to operate .fund in a secure and legitimate manner underscored the intent to cater to a broad spectrum of registrants, fostering innovation and positive engagement within this TLD.

Contract Signed

On 20 March 2014, Donuts successfully crossed a significant milestone by receiving a Registry Agreement signed by ICANN for .fund, having satisfied all requisite processes to become a Registry Operator for the string.

The .fund domain was officially delegated to the Root Zone of the DNS on 23 April 2014, marking the culmination of its successful application and the beginning of its operational phase.

Competitive Analysis: .fund TLD Versus Other Similar TLDs

The .fund domain extension is a precise and industry-centric choice for entities within the financial or fundraising sectors. Let’s examine how .fund compares to other similar TLDs in terms of branding, industry relevance, and memorability.

.fund vs .finance

  • Industry Scope:
    • .fund is more specific to funding or fundraising activities, while .finance covers a broader range of financial services and industries.
  • Target Audience:
    • .fund may appeal more to fundraising platforms and investors, while .finance can attract a broader audience seeking financial services.

.fund vs .investments

  • Descriptiveness:
    • .fund suggests a focus on funding or fundraising, whereas .investments implies a broader scope of investment opportunities and services.
  • Domain Length:
    • .fund is shorter and easier to type, which might be preferred by some users, while .investments is longer but may provide a more explicit indication of the content or business focus.

.fund vs .money

  • Specificity:
    • .fund is more specific to funding and fundraising activities, while .money is a generic term that can cover a variety of financial topics and services.
  • Professional Perception:
    • .fund may be perceived as more professional and focused, especially in a fundraising or investment context, compared to .money.

.fund vs .capital

  • Capital Focus:
    • .capital may be more suited for businesses dealing with capital management or capital markets, while .fund can be more appealing to fundraising platforms or mutual fund entities.
  • Industry Perception:
    • Both domains have a professional tone, but .fund may be seen as more accessible for fundraising initiatives, while .capital may convey a more corporate or institutional vibe.

.fund vs .bank

  • Banking Focus:
    • .bank is specifically tailored for banking institutions, while .fund has a broader appeal to various funding and fundraising entities.
  • Trust and Security:
    • .bank may evoke a higher level of trust and security due to its association with banking institutions, while .fund is more neutral but still professional.

.fund vs .loan

  • Financial Service Focus:
    • .loan is specifically tailored for lending services, while .fund has a broader scope including fundraising, investments, and other funding services.
  • Professionalism:
    • .fund may resonate more with professional or institutional audiences compared to .loan.

Industries That Would Benefit from .fund Domains

The .fund domain extension is a clear and direct choice for entities within the financial, investment, or fundraising sectors. Its precise messaging can significantly benefit various industries. Here are three industries that would notably benefit from adopting a .fund domain for their online identity:

  1. Financial Services
  • Financial institutions, investment firms, and financial advisory services can immensely benefit from a .fund domain. It instantly communicates the financial nature of the services offered, aiding in establishing trust and industry relevance. Domains like invest**.fund** or advisory**.fund** can be self-explanatory and professional.
  1. Charitable Organizations and Non-Profits
  • For charitable organizations and non-profits involved in fundraising, a .fund domain is an excellent choice. It clearly indicates the fundraising aspect of the organization, making it easier for donors to understand the core mission. Domains like charity**.fund** or donate**.fund** can resonate well with potential donors and supporters.
  1. Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Venture capital firms, private equity firms, and crowdfunding platforms would find a .fund domain beneficial for their online presence. It accurately reflects the funding and investment focus of these entities, aiding in attracting startups and investors. Domains like venture**.fund** or equity**.fund** can be impactful and industry-relevant.

The .fund domain extension provides a straightforward and industry-specific online identity, making it a valuable asset for building a strong and relevant online presence in these and other finance-related industries. Its clear messaging around funding and financial services can help attract a targeted audience, enhance trust, and establish a professional branding in the digital space.

Advantages of .fund Domain

The .fund domain extension is a strong and clear choice for entities operating within the financial or fundraising sectors. Here are some of the significant advantages of opting for a .fund domain for your online presence:

  1. Industry Relevance
  • .fund domain immediately communicates the financial or fundraising nature of the business or initiative, making it highly relevant for organizations in these sectors.
  1. Professional Branding:
  • A .fund domain lends a professional and industry-specific branding to your online identity, which can help in establishing trust and credibility with your audience.
  1. Availability of Desired Names:
  • Since .fund is a more niche domain extension compared to generic ones like .com or .net, there’s a higher likelihood of finding the desired domain name available.
  1. Cost-Effectiveness:
  • Often, niche domain extensions like .fund are available at competitive prices, making them a cost-effective choice for startups and small to medium-sized entities.

Market Trends

The .fund domain has nestled itself within a specialized niche of the digital domain landscape. Its appeal to financial institutions, investment firms, non-profits, and others involved in fundraising or financial transactions reflects a growing trend towards domain specificity. The domain offers a clear, descriptive, and professional online identity for entities within the funding and financial spectrum.


Is .fund Good for SEO?

The SEO implications for .fund are akin to other TLDs, where the domain itself doesn’t provide an SEO advantage. However, the clarity and descriptiveness of .fund could contribute to better user engagement, which may potentially impact SEO positively over time.

How Much Does a .fund Domain Cost?

The cost of registering and renewing a .fund domain on 3DNS is $11.99.

Who Can Register a .fund domain?

There are no restrictive eligibility criteria for registering a .fund domain, making it accessible to any individual or entity on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Will People Know and Trust the .fund Domain Extension?

The .fund extension, with its clear implication of funding and financial activities, holds the potential to build trust and recognition among internet users, particularly those involved in or seeking financial services.

.fund Registry Agreement

The governance of .fund domains is articulated in the official registry agreement between ICANN and Donuts (John Castle, LLC). This agreement outlines the operational, technical, and policy frameworks guiding the .fund TLD. For a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory terrain encompassing .fund domains, readers are encouraged to peruse the .fund Registry Agreementon the ICANN website.


The .fund TLD, with its financial ethos, offers a unique digital space for individuals and entities involved in financial, investment, and fundraising activities. Its journey from conception to operational status reflects a broader narrative of enhancing internet namespace and fostering domain specificity. Through its clear, descriptive nature, the .fund domain holds promise for fostering a professional and relevant online identity for registrants within the financial spectrum.