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Published November 14, 2023

About .limo domains

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About .limo domains

The .limo domain, short for ‘limousine,’ is a niche TLD that could cater to the luxury transportation sector. This domain is part of the broader expansion of the internet’s namespace under ICANN’s New gTLD Program. Donuts (Hidden Frostbite, LLC) is the Registry Operator for .limo, having successfully navigated the application process and acquired delegation to the Root Zone on 17 December 2013. This domain provides a specific online identity for limousine service providers, enhancing their digital presence in a competitive market.

Application Details

Donuts, with its extensive portfolio of TLD applications, sought to enrich the internet namespace by providing more expressive and descriptive domain options. The .limo TLD was positioned as an open domain without pre-registration policies, aligning with the broader goal of promoting a free and open internet. The intent was to adhere to all registration policies mandated by ICANN while crafting clear remediation and take-down policies to mitigate abuse and ensure a safe and reputable domain space. By eschewing pre-registration verification, which was perceived as potentially detrimental to legitimate registrants, Donuts aimed to foster a fair and accessible digital environment for the limousine and luxury transportation sector.

Contract Signed

A significant milestone in the journey of .limo was achieved on 17 October 2013, when Donuts received a Registry Agreement signed by ICANN, having successfully passed the Initial Evaluation phase.

The formal delegation of .limo to the Root Zone of the DNS on 17 December 2013 marked the official operational commencement of this domain. This successful delegation was a testament to the meticulous application process and the fulfillment of the stipulated requirements.


The Sunrise Period for .limo was announced by the Registry, commencing on 31 December 2013 and concluding on 01 March 2014. This phase allowed trademark holders to register .limo domains corresponding to their trademarks, providing a protective window before the domain was opened for general availability.

What is eth**.limo**and how does it work?

ETH**.limo** is a privacy-centered Ethereum Name Service (ENS) gateway, created as a reliable decentralized alternative to Cloudflare’s eth.link service, facilitating smooth access to Ethereum-native decentralized applications (dApps) and content. It operates as a reverse proxy for ENS names and IPFS content, using a wildcard DNS record to dynamically capture requests for all ENS domains, automatically resolving the content hash and returning the corresponding static content over HTTPS thereby facilitating the resolution of decentralized web content.

With a zero-configuration requirement, ETH**.limo** offers an excellent no-cost solution for projects seeking Web 2.0 access, bridging the conventional internet to the decentralized web. The project emphasizes community accountability and is poised to transition to an open-source license post-Alpha testing, encouraging the operation of decentralized ENS/IPFS gateways and fostering a more decentralized web ecosystem.

Competitive Analysis: .limo TLD Versus Other Similar TLDs

The .limo Top-Level Domain (TLD) presents a niche branding opportunity within the domain name marketplace. When compared to other similar or related TLDs, certain advantages and disadvantages come to light. Here, we compare .limo to .cab, .car, and .auto TLDs as they are closely related in terms of industry relevance:

.limo vs .cab

  • Industry Specificity:

  • .limo is specifically tailored towards the limousine service industry, whereas .cab is more generic, catering to taxi and cab services.

  • Premium Perception:

  • .limo may carry a more premium or luxurious connotation compared to .cab, which is often associated with standard or everyday taxi services.

.limo vs .car

  • Broadness of Appeal:

  • .car has a broader appeal as it can be used by various stakeholders in the automobile industry including dealerships, manufacturers, or auto-repair services, while .limo is more niche and specific to limousine services.

  • Market Positioning:

  • .limo can be used to create a more exclusive or elite online presence, while .car is more versatile but less distinctive.

.limo vs .auto

  • Versatility:

  • .auto is versatile and can cater to a wide range of automotive-related businesses, making it less specific than .limo.

  • Memorability:

  • .limo may offer a more memorable and unique domain name, which could be beneficial for branding and marketing purposes, especially for businesses within the limousine service industry.

Advantages of .limo Domain

The .limo domain extension, though niche, carries a certain level of sophistication and uniqueness that could be leveraged creatively by brands, individuals, or projects. Here are some advantages associated with the .limo domain:

  1. Distinctiveness:
  • The .limo domain is unique and eye-catching. It can be used creatively to make a brand or website stand out in a crowded online space.
  1. Relevance to Industry:
  • For businesses or individuals in the limousine service industry, the .limo domain is highly relevant and self-explanatory, making it a great choice for branding and easy recognition.
  1. Memorability:
  • Due to its distinct nature, a .limo domain could be easier to remember, aiding in brand recall and return visits.
  1. Creative Branding Opportunities:
  • The .limo domain offers creative branding opportunities, allowing for clever, memorable domain names that can intrigue and attract visitors.

Industries That Would Benefit from .cash Domains

The .cash domain extension provides a direct and catchy branding opportunity for industries associated with money, finance, or transactions. Here are two industries that could significantly benefit from adopting a .cash domain:

  1. Financial Services
  • The financial services industry can leverage the .cash domain to create a memorable and trustworthy online presence. This domain extension can be particularly appealing for businesses involved in cash management, financial consulting, or lending services. For example, a payday loan company or a financial advisory firm could use a .cash domain to underscore their core service offerings while enhancing brand recall.
  1. Retail and eCommerce
  • For retail businesses and eCommerce platforms, a .cash domain can symbolize savings, deals, or cashback offers. This can be an attractive branding strategy to entice price-conscious consumers or promote special sales events. Moreover, the domain can provide a catchy and concise URL for marketing campaigns, making it easier for customers to remember and visit the site.

Market Trends

The .limo domain finds its relevance in a niche market, catering to the luxury transportation sector. It offers a professional and industry-specific online identity for limousine service providers, thereby enhancing their digital visibility and credibility. The domain’s specificity could potentially foster a sense of trust and reliability among users seeking luxury transportation services.


Is .limo Good for SEO?

The .limo domain, being industry-specific, could potentially have positive SEO implications for limousine service providers. The domain’s relevance and descriptiveness could contribute to better user engagement and potentially, improved rankings over time.

How Much Does a .limo Domain Cost?

The cost of registering and renewing a .limo domain on 3DNS is $44.49.

Who Can Register a .limo domain?

The .limo domain is open for registration by anyone without restrictive eligibility criteria, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Will People Know and Trust the .limo Domain Extension?

The .limo extension, being descriptive and industry-specific, holds the potential to build trust and recognition among users seeking luxury transportation services. It provides a clear indication of the nature of services offered, enhancing the domain’s credibility.

.limo Registry Agreement

The governance of .limo domains is encapsulated in the official registry agreement between ICANN and Donuts (Hidden Frostbite, LLC). This agreement outlines the operational, technical, and policy frameworks guiding the .limo TLD. For a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory landscape encompassing .limo domains, readers are encouraged to peruse the .limo Registry Agreementon the ICANN website.


The .limo TLD provides a dedicated digital space for the luxury transportation sector, particularly limousine service providers. Its journey from proposal to operational status reflects the broader narrative of internet namespace expansion, promoting domain specificity and fostering a professional online identity for businesses within this niche market. Through its clear and descriptive nature, the .limo domain contributes to enhancing the digital visibility and credibility of limousine services in a competitive marketplace.