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Published November 22, 2023

About .tips domains

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About .tips domains

The .tips domain is a distinctive digital space for sharing advice, insights, and recommendations, emerging from ICANN’s New gTLD Program to bolster the expressiveness of the web. Administered by Donuts via Corn Willow, LLC, the .tips top-level domain (TLD) embarked on its digital journey post delegation to the Root Zone on 19 November, 2013. This narrative delineates the genesis, development, and characteristics of the .tips TLD, spotlighting its relevance in the modern digital ecosystem.

Genesis and Delegation

The .tips domain was borne out of the aspiration to foster a dedicated online haven for advice-sharing, a unique niche in the expansive internet realm. Donuts, through Corn Willow, LLC, was the solitary applicant for the .tips TLD, culminating in its successful delegation to the Root Zone on 19 November, 2013.

Registration Dynamics

With an open registration policy, the .tips domain extends an invitation to all interested registrants without pre-registration verification, underpinning the ethos of inclusivity and broad-based participation. The domain’s openness is designed to mitigate barriers to entry while adopting robust user and rights protection measures to curb abuse.

Sunrise Period

The dawn of .tips domain registrations was marked by the Sunrise Period commencing on 17 December 2013 and concluding on 14 February 2014. This phase accorded trademark holders the precedence to register .tips domains correlating with their trademarks, a proactive step towards mitigating trademark infringement.

Industries That Would Benefit from .tips Domains

The .tips domain extension is a modern and informative choice for sharing expertise, advice, or helpful information online. It’s a direct and intuitive domain that can be beneficial for various industries. Here are three industries that would significantly benefit from adopting a .tips domain for their online presence:

  1. Educational and Training Institutions:
  • For institutions or individuals providing educational resources, tutorials, or training, a .tips domain can be a perfect choice. It’s a clear indicator of the value they provide by offering helpful tips and guidance to learners. Domains like study.tips or training.tips can be engaging and self-explanatory.
  1. Health and Wellness:
  • The health and wellness industry is all about promoting better living and sharing knowledge on maintaining good health. A .tips domain can be ideal for nutritionists, fitness trainers, wellness coaches, or health bloggers sharing valuable tips on diet, exercise, mental health, and more. Domains like fitness.tips or nutrition.tips can instantly convey the essence of the content.
  1. Home Improvement and DIY:
  • The realm of home improvement and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects thrives on sharing practical tips and step-by-step guides. Companies or individuals providing home improvement services, DIY project ideas, or practical solutions for household issues would find a .tips domain beneficial. Domains like diy.tips or homeimprovement.tips can attract individuals looking for guidance on enhancing their living spaces.

Competitive Analysis: .tips TLD Versus Other Similar TLDs

The .tips domain extension is ideal for individuals or entities keen on sharing expert advice or insights. Let’s examine how .tips compares to other similar TLDs in terms of relevance, descriptiveness, and brand positioning.

.tips vs .guide:

  • Descriptiveness:

    • .tips implies a quick, helpful piece of advice, while .guide suggests a more comprehensive source of information.
  • Usage:

    • .tips may be suited for platforms offering bite-sized advice, whereas .guide could be ideal for in-depth guiding resources.

.tips vs .how:

  • Instructional Implication:

    • .how is more instructional, implying a step-by-step process, while .tips suggests helpful suggestions that are quicker to digest.
  • Engagement:

    • .tips can be seen as more engaging and easy to browse through, while .how may imply a deeper level of engagement required.

.tips vs .advice:

  • Professionalism:

    • .advice may come across as more formal or professional, while .tips has a casual, friendly vibe.
  • Length:

    • .tips is shorter and potentially more memorable compared to .advice.

.tips vs .info:

  • Specificity:

    • .tips is more specific in implying helpful suggestions, while .info is generic and can encompass any type of information.
  • Engagement Level:

    • .tips may evoke a more engaging or interactive experience, while .info is neutral and informative.

.tips vs .expert:

  • Expertise Indication:

    • .expert directly indicates a level of expertise or authority, while .tips is more about sharing helpful insights without the authoritative connotation.
  • Informality:

    • .tips may be perceived as more informal and accessible, while .expert carries a professional tone.

The .tips TLD offers a unique blend of engagement, accessibility, and friendly advice-sharing, making it a favorable choice for platforms looking to offer helpful suggestions in an approachable manner. Its directness in communicating the value proposition of offering useful tips makes it a strong contender in the digital space, especially when compared to other TLDs that may lack the casual and engaging vibe that .tips inherently brings to the table.

Advantages of .tips Domain

  1. Direct Information Offering: The .tips domain extension immediately conveys the essence of advice, guidance, or useful information. This direct message can attract users seeking helpful insights or solutions, making it a perfect choice for advice-driven platforms.

  2. Niche Expertise Display: Utilizing a .tips domain can showcase a brand or individual’s expertise in a specific niche. It’s an avenue to provide valuable tips and knowledge, establishing authority and trust with the audience.

  3. Cost-EffectivenessAcquiring a .tips domain can be cost-effective, providing a budget-friendly option for individuals or brands to establish an online presence focused on sharing valuable advice.

Market Trends

The .tips domain finds itself amidst a burgeoning market for specialized TLDs, each carving out a distinct digital niche. The domain’s uncomplicated and self-explanatory nature augments its appeal to individuals and entities keen on sharing insights and advice. As the digital populace becomes increasingly knowledgeable, the penchant for specialized TLDs like .tips is poised to accentuate.


Is .tips Good for SEO?

Like other domain extensions, the SEO impact of a .tips domain primarily depends on the quality, relevance, and user-friendliness of the website content.

How Much Does a .tips Domain Cost?

It costs $8.99 to register and renew a .tips domain on 3DNS.

Who Can Register a .tips domain?

The .tips domain is open for registration to anyone interested, adhering to the open TLD policy without pre-registration verification.

Will People Know and Trust the .tips Domain Extension?

The intuitive and descriptive nature of the .tips extension lends itself to easy recognition and understanding, potentially fostering trust among internet users seeking advice and insights.

Fun Facts about .tips domains

  1. Expressive Nature: The .tips domain, by virtue of its self-explanatory name, immediately signals the advisory essence of the websites it hosts.

  2. Wide Appeal: The domain’s versatility allows for a wide array of topics to be covered, from health to finance, technology to cooking, and beyond.

  3. Open Registration: The absence of pre-registration verification underscores the inclusive nature of the .tips domain, opening the doors to a broad spectrum of registrants.

.tips Registry Agreement

The governance of .tips domains is delineated in the official registry agreement between ICANN and Donuts (Corn Willow, LLC). This pact outlines the operational, technical, and policy contours governing the .tips TLD. For an exhaustive understanding of the regulatory framework enveloping .tips domains, readers are encouraged to explore the [.tips Registry Agreement](https://www.icann.org/resources/agreement/tips-2013-09-23-en](https://www.icann.org/resources/agreement/tips-2013-09-23-en) on the ICANN website.


The .tips TLD, with its advisory ethos, encapsulates a unique digital niche, fostering a community of advice-sharing and learning. Its intuitive name, open registration policy, and broad-based appeal underscore its distinctive positioning in the digital domain landscape, catering to the innate human penchant for sharing and seeking advice.