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Published November 21, 2023

About .tv domains

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About .tv domains

The .tv domain, a digital acronym for ‘television,’ is the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Polynesian island nation of Tuvalu. This TLD has garnered popularity and economic value due to its natural alignment with television and video content, providing a catchy and memorable domain for multimedia platforms. This piece explores the journey of the .tv domain, from its inception to its contemporary standing, shedding light on its economic, technical, and cultural relevance.

.tv began in 1998 when Tuvalu sought to monetize its ccTLD by aligning it with the term ‘television.’ Jason Chapnic, a Canadian entrepreneur, and Antony Van Couvering, former president of NetNames, approached Tuvalu with proposals to open registration for .tv and maximize its profitability. This led to a licensing agreement with Information.CA of Toronto, marking the initiation of .tv’s journey towards becoming a sought-after domain for multimedia content.

Information.CA and Idealab Era

Initially, Information.CA acquired the exclusive marketing rights to .tv, but subsequent delays in the promised upfront payment led to Idealab, a California-based company, assuming the financial obligations. Under Idealab, the .tv domain began to gain traction, setting the stage for the next phase of its evolution.

In December 2001, Verisign acquired .tv Corporation International, the entity managing the .tv domain. The acquisition marked a significant milestone, with Verisign committing to annual payments to the Tuvalu government. This partnership persisted until 2021, with Verisign driving the marketing and technical management of the .tv domain, bolstering its standing as a favored domain for video-centric platforms.

GoDaddy Era

In December 2021, a new chapter unfolded as GoDaddy Registry was selected as the new registry service provider for the .tv domain, following Verisign’s non-participation in the renewal process. This transition underpins the ongoing evolution of the .tv domain management.

The open registration policy of .tv, barring a few reserved names, facilitates a broad spectrum of registrants. This openness has contributed to the domain’s popularity and economic significance, with a substantial portion of Tuvalu’s government revenue emanating from .tv royalties.

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and DNS Security

The .tv domain’s alignment with modern DNS security standards and potential embracement of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) underline its commitment to global inclusivity and secure digital interactions.

U.S. Seizures of Domain Names

The .tv domain’s journey has also seen instances of domain seizures, notably during the 2012 Super Bowl Crackdown against unauthorized sports streaming websites. This episode showcased the interplay of jurisdictional authority and domain governance, given Verisign’s U.S. domicile.

Advantages of .tv Domain

The .tv domain extension has become synonymous with video content, streaming services, and television-related websites, making it a unique and catchy choice for individuals and organizations operating in the visual media sector. Here are some compelling advantages of opting for a .tv domain for your online presence:

  1. Industry Relevance

The .tv domain extension is immediately recognizable and associated with television, video content, and streaming services. It clearly communicates the industry and nature of the content, making it a fitting choice for broadcasters, video bloggers, streaming platforms, and anyone dealing with visual media.

  1. Branding Opportunity

A .tv domain provides a unique branding opportunity. It’s a creative way to emphasize the video or television aspect of the brand, making it memorable and easily identifiable to the audience. For instance, a streaming service using a .tv domain stands out and aligns with the medium it operates in.

  1. Availability of Desired Names

Since the .tv domain is not as commonly used as .com or .net, there’s a higher chance of finding the desired domain name. This allows for more creative freedom and better brand-specific domain names, which is crucial for creating a distinctive online identity.

Competitive Analysis: .tv TLD Versus Other Similar TLDs

.tv vs .com:

  • Industry Association:

    • .tv immediately associates with video content or television, whereas .com is generic and does not communicate any industry-specific information.
  • Brand Memorability:

    • .tv may offer a more memorable domain for video-centric platforms, while .com is a standard choice for a broad range of businesses.

.tv vs .net:

  • Modern Appeal:

    • .tv has a modern, trendy appeal especially among digital content creators, while .net carries a more traditional or network-oriented tone.
  • Domain Availability:

    • Desired domain names may be more readily available under .tv due to its lesser saturation compared to .net.

.tv vs .video:

  • Brevity:

    • .tv is shorter and easier to type, making it a potentially more user-friendly option compared to .video.
  • Global Recognition:

    • “TV” is a universally recognized abbreviation for television, potentially making .tv a more globally recognizable domain than .video.

.tv vs .stream:

  • Industry Breadth:

    • .tv covers a broad range of video-related content, including pre-recorded videos, while .stream is more narrowly focused on live streaming.
  • Traditional Association:

    • .tv has a traditional association with television which may appeal to a broader audience, whereas .stream may appeal to a younger, more digitally savvy audience.

.tv vs .film:

  • Content Variety:

    • .tv is versatile and can be used for various types of video content, while .film is specific to the film industry.
  • Audience Appeal:

    • .tv may appeal to a broader audience looking for various video content, whereas .film may attract a niche audience interested in films and the film-making industry.

.tv vs .youtube:

  • Brand Independence:

    • .tv allows for brand independence and unique domain naming, while .youtube is tied to the YouTube platform, limiting brand individuality.
  • Platform Restrictions:

    • .youtube domains are restricted to YouTube channels, while .tv domains offer the flexibility to host a website on any platform.

Industries That Would Benefit from .tv Domain

The .tv domain extension, with its strong association to television and video content, presents a unique opportunity for various industries to establish a distinctive online identity. Here, we explore three industries that would significantly benefit from adopting a .tv domain for their online presence.

  1. Entertainment and Media Production

The entertainment sector is inherently visual and engaging, making the .tv domain a natural fit. Whether it’s broadcasting companies, film production studios, or independent video creators:

  • Streaming Platforms: Companies like Netflix or Hulu could utilize a .tv domain to emphasize their video streaming services, e.g., netflix.tv or hulu.tv.

  • Video Production Houses: Studios producing films, TV shows, or digital content can use a .tv domain to showcase their portfolios and latest projects.

  1. Online Education and Training

With the rise of online education, the .tv domain can be a boon for educational institutions and e-learning platforms offering video-based learning:

  • Educational Channels: Institutions could create platforms like education.tv to host educational videos, interactive lessons, and live lectures.

  • Training and Tutorial Platforms: Websites offering video tutorials and training sessions can benefit from a .tv domain to highlight their video-centric approach to learning.

  1. Sports and Live Events

The sports industry and live event organizers can leverage the .tv domain to host live streams, highlight reels, and event coverage:

  • Sports Broadcasting: Channels broadcasting live sports events could utilize a .tv domain to create a dedicated platform for online viewership.

  • Event Streaming Platforms: Live event organizers can use a .tv domain to host live streams and archived videos of concerts, conferences, and other events.

Market Trends

The .tv domain continues to resonate with multimedia platforms, with entities in animation, film, television, and video content creation being primary users. The domain’s market demand reflects the global trend toward digital video consumption and multimedia content creation.

Malicious Use of .tv

Instances of malicious use have also been reported, especially with the .co.tv subdomain, which witnessed a proliferation of scam websites, leading to a temporary removal of .co.tv websites from Google’s search results.


Is .tv Good for SEO?

Like other domain extensions, the SEO impact of a .tv domain primarily depends on the quality, relevance, and user-friendliness of the website content.

Who Can Register a .tv domain?

The .tv domain extension is open for registration by anyone without any specific restrictions. Here are the details:

  • Individuals, companies, and organizations can register a .tv domain. It’s a popular choice for those involved in the television industry, video content creation, or streaming services.

  • Domain availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s advisable to check the availability and register your desired .tv domain early to secure your preferred name.

  • Many domain registrars offer .tv domain registration services. It’s advisable to choose a reputable registrar to ensure a smooth registration process and reliable domain management services.

Will People Know and Trust the .tv Domain Extension?

The .tv domain extension is widely recognized and associated with television and video content. People within the entertainment, media, and streaming industries, as well as the general public, are likely to recognize and trust it.

How Much Does a .tv Domain Cost?

It costs $26.99 to register and renew a domain on 3DNS

.tv Registry Agreement

The governance of the .tv domain is anchored in a registry agreement, which has transitioned across different entities like Information.CA, Idealab, Verisign, and now GoDaddy. These agreements delineate the operational, technical, and financial frameworks guiding the .tv domain, ensuring its sustenance and growth in the digital domain landscape.


The .tv domain, embodying the essence of multimedia digital content, continues to be a valuable digital asset for both Tuvalu and the global internet community. Despite the ebbs and flows, .tv stands as a testament to the inventive monetization of digital resources, weaving a narrative of economic empowerment, digital innovation, and cultural preservation amidst an evolving internet milieu.