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Published November 30, 2023

About .whoswho domains

Learn more about .whoswho domains. Register a .whoswho domain.

About .whoswho domains

Among the vast array of alternative TLDs, the .whoswho generic top-level domain (gTLD) presents a distinctive opportunity for individuals, organizations, and entities who wish to establish an authoritative digital presence.

The genesis of the .whoswho Top-Level Domain (TLD) unfolded under the bounds of ICANN’s New gTLD Program, with the applicant being 21st Century Communications Limited, operating under the alias of Who’s Who Registry. The narrative of .whoswho is one of envisioning a digital enclave for individuals of repute, whose accomplishments resonate across the global tapestry of Who’s Who reference compendiums.

Mission and Anticipated Impact

The mission behind .whoswho pivots around creating a digital haven for those who have etched their names in the Who’s Who directories worldwide. With a target market spanning millions of notable individuals, the domain aimed to offer an alternative to the commercial (.com) or educational (.edu) domains.

Milestones: From Conception to Realization

On 20 February 2014, the contract between ICANN and 21st Century Communications Limited was signed, marking a significant stride towards actualizing the .whoswho domain. The delegation to the Root Zone occurred on 18 July 2014, paving the way for its General Availability on 18 December 2014. This timeline reflects the procedural adherence and the strategic steps undertaken to bring .whoswho to the digital forefront.

Competitive Analysis: .whoswho TLD Versus Other Similar TLDs

The choice of a top-level domain (TLD) can significantly impact a brand’s or individual’s online identity. This section delves into a comparative analysis between .whoswho and other similar TLDs to provide a clearer perspective on its standing in the domain spectrum.

.whoswho vs .pro:

  • Specificity: The .whoswho domain is curated for individuals and entities with notable standing, while .pro caters to a broader spectrum of professionals.

  • Descriptiveness: .whoswho suggests a level of distinction, whereas .pro denotes professionalism.

.whoswho vs .expert:

  • Target Audience: .whoswho appeals to distinguished individuals across various fields, while .expert targets professionals with specialized knowledge.

  • Domain Length: .expert is shorter and may be easier to remember compared to .whoswho.

.whoswho vs .com:

  • Industry Alignment: .whoswho implies a level of prestige and exclusivity, unlike the generic .com.

  • Memorability: .whoswho may resonate more with audiences looking for reputable individuals or entities.

.whoswho vs .bio:

  • Specificity: While .whoswho caters to reputable individuals and entities, .bio is geared towards biographical or biological content.

  • Descriptiveness: .whoswho subtly implies a level of prestige, whereas .bio is more descriptive of the content.

.whoswho vs .name:

  • Personal Connection: .whoswho is suited for individuals with notable achievements, while .name is for personal use without the implication of distinction.

  • Exclusivity: .whoswho carries a premium connotation, unlike the more accessible .name.

.whoswho vs .vip:

  • Prestige: Both .whoswho and .vip carry a premium positioning, but .whoswho is more oriented towards recognition of achievement, while .vip suggests a level of exclusivity or high-status.

  • Target Audience: .whoswho targets distinguished individuals and entities, while .vip may appeal to exclusive clubs, high-end services, or luxury brands.

5 Industries That Would Benefit From a .whoswho TLD

  • Legal Professionals: Lawyers and law firms can utilize .whoswho domains to highlight their expertise and notable cases.

  • Medical Practitioners: Distinguished doctors and medical institutions can employ .whoswho domains to underscore their contributions to the medical field.

  • Academia: Renowned academics and institutions can leverage .whoswho domains to showcase their scholarly achievements.

  • Corporate Executives: High-ranking executives can use .whoswho domains to delineate their professional journey and achievements.

  • Authors and Thought Leaders: Eminent authors and thinkers can employ .whoswho domains to outline their body of work and ideas.

Higher Availability of Brand-Specific Domains with .whoswho

The .whoswho domain extension, being less widely recognized compared to other mainstream TLDs like .com or .net, presents an opportunity for individuals and organizations to secure a domain that precisely matches their brand name. While the most common and popular domain extensions often see a rush of registrations, leading to a scarcity of desirable names, the .whoswho domain remains a less tapped resource.

This lower level of saturation can be a boon for brand owners seeking a domain name that is a perfect match or very closely aligned with their branding. Securing a .whoswho domain can therefore provide a unique and exclusive online identity that is hard to achieve with other over-subscribed domain extensions. The exclusivity associated with .whoswho further amplifies the brand distinction, making it a compelling choice for those in search of a distinctive and readily available domain name.

Advantages of .whoswho Domain

  • Exclusivity and Prestige: The .whoswho domain extension carries a sense of exclusivity and prestige, making it a unique choice for individuals and entities wishing to distinguish themselves in a professional or notable capacity. It signals a level of esteem and recognition in the digital realm.

  • Higher Availability for Brand-Specific Domains: Unlike some over-saturated domain extensions, .whoswho may offer a higher likelihood of obtaining a domain that precisely matches or closely aligns with your branding. This can be crucial for maintaining brand consistency and recognition across online platforms.

  • Clear Professional Identity: The .whoswho domain can serve as a clear indicator of a professional identity or a notable persona. It’s well-suited for individuals and entities desiring to establish a reputable online presence, showcasing achievements, credentials, or affiliations in a straightforward manner.

Future Prospects

The vision of .whoswho extending beyond a mere domain name to a vibrant community of intellectuals and accomplished individuals is a promising prospect. The potential legacy sites, the exchange of knowledge, and the establishment of a distinguished digital identity are elements that could define the future trajectory of the .whoswho domain.


How much does it cost to register a .whoswho domain?

It costs $5499 to register and renew a .whoswho domain on 3DNS.

Who can register a .whoswho domain?

While it is primarily used by IANA for WhoIs, anyone can register a .whoswho domain.

Is the .whoswho domain beneficial for SEO?

Like other domain extensions, the SEO impact of a .whoswho domain primarily depends on the quality, relevance, and user-friendliness of the website content, as well as other technical factors like site speed and mobile responsiveness.

Will people know and trust the .whoswho domain extension?

The recognition and trust associated with the .whoswho domain extension may initially be contingent on public awareness and the caliber of individuals or entities that host their website on it. Its premium pricepoint could foster a sense of prestige, attracting distinguished individuals and reputable organizations, but it isn’t as widely recognizable to the public as .com or other TLDs today.

.whoswho ICANN agreement

The TLD agreement for .whoswho can be found on ICANN’s websiteunder the section for Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Registry Agreements. This agreement establishes the rights, duties, liabilities, and obligations required of registry operators to run gTLDs.

In Conclusion

The .whoswho domain embodies a unique proposition in the digital domain spectrum. It’s an endeavor to provide a distinguished digital abode to individuals whose accomplishments are chronicled in the revered Who’s Who directories. As it continues to evolve, the .whoswho domain holds the promise of becoming a digital rendezvous of intelligent discourse, insightful engagements, and a repository of legacies that echo through the corridors of time. Through its meticulous operational guidelines, linguistic inclusivity, and the aspiration for detailed disclosures, the .whoswho domain is poised to add a rich layer of meaningful interactions and recognitions online.