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Published January 19, 2024

Introducing .Box – A New Era in Domain Names Powered by 3DNS

Exploring .box and it's melding of web2 and web3 domains

We’re incredibly excited to unveil the .box domain. The newest top-level domain (TLD) to be issued that’s ICANN compliant and the only one the world issued entirely on-chain. In partnership with Intercap Registry and ENS Labs, we are bridging the gap between the traditional internet (Web2) and the emerging decentralized web (Web3). Over a year of work went into creating the .box domain and we’re excited to share it with you today!

A Glimpse into .box

The .box domain is more than just a URL – it’s a gateway to a new digital identity. It integrates seamlessly across both Web3 and Web2, offering a host of features including decentralized ownership, direct DNS record management, ENS integration, Web3 authentication, and more. This TLD sets itself apart by being both ICANN-accredited and recognized by the global Domain Name System, ensuring compatibility with traditional browsers and email services – a unique feature not found in most blockchain domains.

Why .box?

  1. Availability: .box is a new TLD, making it a rare opportunity for users to find names that may not be available on longer standing TLD’s like .com. Want to find your name or business? There’s a good chance it’s available on .box.
  2. Innovation: This is the first on chain TLD with all web2 and web3 functionalities of domains. It’s like owning an ENS domain name and a GoDaddy domain name in one single product. Owning a .box domain is like owning a piece of web history.
  3. Unique Identity: With .box, your web address becomes your digital identity, distinct, useful and memorable.

Pricing of .box

.box launched on Thu, Jan 18, 2024, 03:00 PM ET.

  • Starting Price: $7,680.00
  • Decays: 50% Every 24 Hours for 144 Hours (6 days)
  • Ending Price: $120
  • Renewals: $120 per year

Launch and Pricing

The launch of .box domains started at Thu, Jan 18, 2024 at 3PM EST with a premium pricing phase, starting at $7,680 USDC, and gradually reducing to a fixed rate of $120 USDC over six days. All domains will subsequently renew at this yearly rate. These domains are minted and managed via the dApp hosted at my.box, with payments accepted in ETH or USDC.

Exponential Decay Graph
Exponential Decay Graph

Unleashing the Power of 3DNS

Now that we’ve established why .box is a game-changer, let’s delve into the technology that powers it - 3DNS.

What is 3DNS?

3DNS is the driving force behind the .box domain. It is the first on-chain web domain registrar, supporting .com, .xyz, .io, .box and more than 420 more TLDs. The technology we have built enables your domain, when purchased or transferred into 3DNS, to be owned and managed by your crypto wallet. This means if you want to sell your domain or transfer it to a different wallet, it’s as easy as listing to Opensea or sending your favorite NFT. It’s the first self custody domain option for web2 domains ever, preventing domain hijacking — not your keys not your domains.


.box is a rare opportunity to be early to a piece of web history. Unlike other web domains, .box is brand new, meaning you can find practically any name you could ever desire. Built on the cutting edge tech, and combing the web2 and web3 functionalities of domains, it’s a must-have for anyone interested in domains, crypto or tech in general. Together, let’s shape the future of the internet.

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