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Published April 5, 2024

Farcaster Meets 3DNS Frame

Social Networking to Smart Domain Shopping

What is Farcaster?

Farcaster is a sufficiently decentralized protocol tailored for the creation and linkage of social applications. It’s designed to encourage a space free from censorship, where individuals wield absolute control over their data and who sees it. Farcaster, built on Ethereum, utilizes a decentralized network structure, enabling users to manage their social connections and engage across various applications while maintaining a singular identity. Envision a unified ecosystem where platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook operate interconnectedly, yet users navigate with one decentralized ID. In such a setup, even if platforms decide to enforce restrictions, the user’s identity remains intact, allowing them to transition their social interactions to other apps within the network. This diminishes the influence of centralized authorities, placing the reins of social autonomy back into the hands of users.

Farcaster stands out by being permissionless and open-source, inviting anyone to develop applications by integrating with its APIs or other applications within its ecosystem. This level of openness not only makes app creation more accessible to all but also brings a wealth of public data into the mix. This data becomes a valuable resource for developers looking to improve their apps and create a better experience for users. Although the idea of a decentralized social network is still quite new, the potential it holds is huge. Farcaster is leading the charge towards a future where everyone has complete control over their online presence and interactions, free from the limitations and oversight of centralized authorities.

What are Frames?

Frames are an innovative feature within Farcaster that transform ordinary posts, or casts, into fully interactive applications. This tool is designed to enhance the way users and developers engage with content on the platform, enabling the creation of polls, live feeds, and interactive galleries directly within Warpcast or any Farcaster client. Frames build upon the OpenGraph (OG) standard to elevate static content into dynamic, engaging experiences. This advancement allows for a visually and functionally enriched interaction that goes beyond the conventional OG embeds.

Introducing the 3DNS Team’s Frame

The 3DNS team has developed a specialized Frame that allows users to explore and shop for domain names within the Farcaster platform, streamlining the process from selection to registration. When users identify an available domain they wish to register, a deep link facilitates a seamless transition to the checkout page, simplifying the domain acquisition process.

The 3DNS Farcaster Frame
The 3DNS Farcaster Frame


Farcaster is revolutionizing social media by prioritizing user control and decentralization, setting a new standard for online interactions. We’re excited to introduce the 3DNS Frame on Farcaster, blending domain shopping with social networking. This marks a step towards a simpler, more connected online experience. Thanks for joining us on this journey!