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Published July 2, 2024

June Highlights at 3DNS—Superchain Identity and New Features

Announcing Superchain Identity with Optimism and New Domain Management Tools

June’s Highlights at 3DNS

June has been a big month for 3DNS, filled with exciting announcements and new features that are set to improve onchain domain management. Here’s a recap of the key developments:

Superchain Identity is Coming Soon
Superchain Identity is Coming Soon

Superchain Identity with Optimism

This month we announced the launch of Superchain Identity in collaboration with Optimism. We’re launching a new namespace with them and will start by offering super.box and chain.box subdomains. These subdomains are part of the new identity layer of the Optimism collective, developed and maintained by 3DNS.

Designed to integrate with both Web2 and Web3 infrastructure, .super.box and .chain.box identities comply with ICANN standards by using the TLD “.box”. They are ready to use as regular web domains and Web3 identifiers right from launch, costing only $5 plus gas fees.

Web2 key features include the ability to host websites using subdomains like alice.super.box and alice.chain.box, recognition by all web browsers, and email compatibility with your domain. For Web3, these subdomains function as ENS domains, allowing you to send/receive crypto to your domain, personalize it with a portable avatar, and add personal records directly.

Looking ahead, we intend to apply for .chain and .super in the upcoming ICANN auction, which will convert the third-level domains into second-level domains, e.g., alice.super.box to alice.super and alice.chain.box to alice.chain. Built on ENS but extended to the Layer 2 ecosystem with Optimism, Superchain Identities provide all the benefits of ENS with the lower cost of management on the L2.

For more details and to get on the waitlist, check out chain.box.

Control Access to Your Domain

Our new Identity Access Management feature is now live on 3DNS, allowing you to set permissions for your domain and ensure that the right individuals have the appropriate access. This feature is important for maintaining security and organization within your domain management.

Key features of Access Management include:

  • DNS/ENS: Chose who can write DNS and ENS records
  • Activity Log: Keep a detailed log of all management activities.

Available roles to assign include:

  • Full Admin Manage everything except ownership.
  • ENS Manager: Manage only the ENS section.
  • DNS Manager: Manage only DNS records.
  • WhoIs: Coming soon

This functionality ensures that users can only access the necessary parts of the domain, maintaining security and organization.

Access Management is Now Live
Access Management is Now Live

Lower Price for Tokenizing Domains

In our ongoing effort to make onchain domains more accessible, we’ve reduced the tokenization fee to just $6. This lower price point is part of our commitment to broadening the adoption of onchain domains and making them available to more users.

New Feature: Renew Domains with Crypto

Keeping your domains secure and up-to-date is now easier than ever. With our latest feature, you can renew your domains using crypto! This option provides a flexible and convenient way to manage your domain renewals, ensuring your digital assets remain active and secure.


These updates mark significant improvements in how we manage and secure onchain domain names, blending the strengths of traditional domain management with Web3 capabilities. Stay tuned for more updates.