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Published February 6, 2024

Multi-Tenant API Coming Soon

Enabling anyone to sell domains through our Multi-Tenant API

At 3DNS, we’re thrilled to share that our Multi-Tenant API is coming soon. This API is set to revolutionize domain sales and management, mirroring the transformative impact of Stripe in online payments. Our .box partnership is the first product to be built on top of this API, and we’ll soon be offering this API for anyone in the domain space to build on top of.

The Vision Behind Multi-Tenant API

Before Stripe, everyone online had to build their own payment rails. This took many engineers months of work to accomplish. Post Stripe, adding payments to a site was a few hours by a single engineer.

The domain world today is strikingly similar to the payments world before Stripe. There’s a long multi month process by a team of people to be able to sell domains. Our Multi-tenant API is here to change that so an engineer in a fraction of the time can launch a website that can issue domains.

That’s the vision behind our Multi-Tenant API — to be the Stripe for domains. This platform allows users to issue and sell domains without facing the usual technical or regulatory hurdles. By using our infrastructure, domain sellers can effortlessly establish websites for domain sales, democratizing domain selling and making it accessible to a wider audience.

Empowering Users and Domain Sellers

The Multi-Tenant API isn’t just about selling domains; it’s about empowering the domain ecosystem to provide more and better experiences for selling and managing domains. The existing way of selling, transferring and managing domains is outdated, and 3DNS is the perfect use tool to make the experience that much better.

Case Study: My.box

If you’ve been following along the last few weeks, you saw that we helped launch .box. What you may not realize is that the entire backend for .box is built on our Multi-Tenant API serving as a prime example of the Multi-Tenant API’s capabilities.

It offers advanced features such as intuitive search functionality, multi-currency pricing, full ENS integration and streamlined DNS record management. My.box is a testament to how our API can be utilized to craft a comprehensive and user-friendly domain selling experience that is completely compatible in both Web2 and Web3.

Flexibility in TLD Usage

While .box is our first TLD, we acknowledge the importance of variety in the domain industry. Our Multi-Tenant API grants tenants the freedom to choose any TLD they prefer to sell, catering to diverse market needs and enhancing their market presence. That means they can chose from hundreds of different of TLD’s to sell at industry competitive pricing.

Simplifying Infrastructure and Compliance

Navigating infrastructure management and ICANN compliance is a significant challenge in domain selling. Trust us, we know this first hand. The 3DNS Multi-Tenant API eradicates these concerns. Our API efficiently manages nameservers and ensures compliance, simplifying the sale and wholesale of domains, including on-chain domains. This enables our users to concentrate on business growth, free from technical complexities.


The Multi-Tenant API from 3DNS is not just a technological advancement; it’s a paradigm shift in the domain industry. By encapsulating the revolutionary spirit of Stripe and applying it to domain sales and management, we are redefining the landscape for domain issuance. With this API, we’re tearing down the barriers of technical complexity and regulatory compliance, democratizing domain selling to a degree previously unimaginable. Our vision is clear: to empower users with the tools they need to innovate, create, and lead in the domain space.

Join us in reshaping the domain industry. Learn more about our Multi-Tenant API and how to be part of this exciting development here