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Published January 29, 2024

Streamlining Domain Acquisition with 3DNS and Socket: Cross-Chain Crypto Integration Made Simple

Pay with almost any crypto from over 12 EVM chains

3DNS has made it that much easier to purchase domains with nearly every cryptocurrency across over 12 evm chains thanks to our integration with Socket. This integration simplifies the process of domain purchases, leveraging the versatility of Socket for cross chain transfers.

Seamless Crypto Bridging: A Game-Changer in UX

Socket’s bridging technology stands at the forefront of this integration. It’s a bridge, but not in the traditional sense. Imagine a technology that fluidly connects disparate islands of cryptocurrencies, enabling the transfer of almost any crypto asset from any blockchain directly to 3DNS.

Why This Matters

Crypto enthusiasts and domain investors no longer need to juggle multiple wallets or undergo tedious exchange processes. Whether you hold wBTC, ETH, or most other altcoins, the path to securing your desired domain on 3DNS has become remarkably straightforward.

Bridging to Optimism

A notable aspect of this integration is the direct bridge to Optimism. We chose to build on Optimism because of its high-speed and low-cost transactions which enhances the overall experience versus the transaction cost of Ethereum mainnet. Users can now bridge their crypto assets directly to Optimism within the 3DNS app, streamlining the purchase process and bypassing the need for sometimes confusing intermediary steps.

How It Works: A Simple Process

  1. Choose Your Chain: Through the 3DNS app, access Socket’s bridging service. Start by selecting the chain you wish to bridge from.

    Select Chain
    Select Chain

  2. Chose your crypto: This is where the magic happens – your chosen cryptocurrency is ready to be bridged.

    Select Crypto
    Select Crypto

  3. Bridge to Optimism: Optimism should already be set as your target. Socket’s technology seamlessly bridges your assets to the Optimism network.

  4. Complete Your Purchase: With your crypto now on Optimism, you’re all set to acquire your desired domain on 3DNS.

The Impact

This integration is more than just a technical enhancement; it’s a stride towards democratizing domain purchases in the crypto world. By embracing virtually all EVM tokens and simplifying the transaction process, 3DNS, with the aid of Socket, is setting a new standard in the domain industry.


The integration between 3DNS and Socket is a testament to the continuous focus of crypto protocols to improve the UX of cryptocurrency and its growing influence in various sectors. For domain enthusiasts and crypto degens alike, the future looks not just promising, but seamless.