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Published October 27, 2023

How To Register a Domain Name in 5 Simple Steps (Updated for 2023)

We’re going to show you step by step how to register a domain with 3DNS in 5 simple steps!

1. Head to app.3dns.boxand set up your account if you haven’t already


  1. You have a crypto wallet. If you don’t, you can set one up with one of these popular wallets
    1. Metamask
    2. Coinbase wallet
    3. Nano Ledger

Once you have your crypto wallet set up, head to https://3dns.box/auth/register

Creating an account on 3DNS
Creating an account on 3DNS

Enter a Username and Email and click “create account”

Signing to login to 3DNS
Signing to login to 3DNS

Sign the contract and the verify your email!

Verifying an email address on 3DNS
Verifying an email address on 3DNS

Then head to the search bar in the top right that says “find a domain” and look for your perfect domain!

If you haven’t heard of 3DNS before, here’s a quick synopsis of what we do. If you’re a regular, head to step 2 to pick out your new domain name!

3DNS represents a new era in the DNS landscape. 3DNS operates on a dual-system architecture, an integration of conventional DNS structures with blockchain tech. This melding not only retains the essence of established domain name systems but enables web3 native features like self custody of domains. 3DNS complies with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to ensure domains on platform work with existing domain name systems, and can resolve in with current web2 browser technology. This system avails a diverse range of Second-Level Domains (SLDs), expanding the options available to individuals and entities. Central to the operations of 3DNS is the utilization of Optimism smart contracts, which are is the core component of 3DNS tech.

2. Choosing Your Domain Name!

The choice of a domain name is a critical step! A memorable, unique domain name is invaluable and sets the foundation for an online identity. If you’re struggling with artists block, you can try using ChatGPT, tools like Nameboyor Namemaxito help find that perfect name! Prospective domain owners can also check the availability of desired domain names on the 3DNS platform, ensuring their choices are unique and resonate with their brand or personal identity. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors can be crucial considerations, as a well-chosen domain name can significantly impact the visibility and ranking of the website. Furthermore, the domain name is a pivotal element in branding, encapsulating the identity and values of the brand.

3. Domain Registration

With a chosen domain name and a 3DNS account ready, the next step is domain registration. The registration process on 3DNS is very straightforward.

Searching for a domain name on 3DNS
Searching for a domain name on 3DNS

First, add all of your domains to your cart and click checkout.

Completing a domain name registration on 3DNS
Completing a domain name registration on 3DNS

On the checkout screen, you can pay with crypto or credit card. Pick your option and pay!

Notice, it may take up to an hour for the full process to take place and the domain to show in your domains dashboard.

Part of the reason why there is that delay is that 3DNS is coordinates between offchain and onchain registrars during registration. While the costs associated with domain registration on 3DNS may vary, you can find full transparency on pricing on this page.

4. Domain Management

Post-registration, the management of the domain name on 3DNS is whatever you’d like it to be. Want the domain to just sit until you sell it at a later date? Perfect. Have a high value domain you want to self custody? Great! Want to set up nameservers to point to your companies website? wonderful! The main difference between managing your domain with 3DNS and traditional domain providers is each time you need to sign a smart contract from your wallet (with a small amount of crypto) to do those updates. Renewing domain registration on 3DNS is crucial to retain ownership, and the platform provides an easy way to do this from the domains dashboard. Setting up subdomains and managing DNS settings are additional features that empower domain owners with more control and organization of their domain assets.

5. Sit back and relax!

With your domain in self custody, everything with your domain is in your control.