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Published May 31, 2024

Where to View and Manage Your 3DNS Domains

Accessing your onchain domains

Where to Manage and View 3DNS Domains

3DNS is a leading onchain domain registrar that merges the security and composability of blockchain technology with traditional domain services. Similar to GoDaddy, 3DNS allows users to purchase and manage ICANN-accredited domain extensions like .com and .xyz, providing a familiar experience to centralized domain management. 3DNS not only supports a over 430 traditional TLDs like .com, .xyz and .box, but additionally these domains function like any ENS name.

ENS, or Ethereum Name Service, is a decentralized naming system built on Ethereum. ENS is a way to map human-readable names to Ethereum addresses. The native TLD for ENS is “.eth”. ENS is very broadly used within the Ethereum Ecosystem to simplify crypto transactions and interactions with smart contacts. With 3DNS, users get the best of both worlds — DNS + ENS.

Whether you are a developer, business owner or interested in onchain domains, here is a basic guide to where 3DNS domains can be found:

3DNS Dashboard

All your 3DNS domains can be configured, viewed, and managed in the 3DNS Dashboard on app.3dns.box. Through the 3DNS Dashboard, you will view all your domains, an overview of them, manage DNS records, set up ENS records, and so much more. The user friendly interface caters to both novices and professionals, making domain management easy and convenient.


The ENS (Ethereum Name Service) Manager appis an app that helps manage ENS domains. You can see your 3DNS domain in the ENS Manager app, meaning .box and over 430 TLDs that 3DNS supports show up right within the ENS ecosystem.


Optimism Explorer

Optimism Exploreris a blockchain explorer specifically designed for the Optimism Layer 2 network on Ethereum. It gives users the capability to get insight into such things as transactions, blocks, and addresses within Optimism—all in depth. You can view your 3DNS domains through the Optimism Explorer.

The easiest way to do this is:

  1. Visit the 3DNS Dashboard
  2. Click a domain you own, under it you’ll see “View on Optimism Explorer”
  3. View the details of your domain, including transaction history and other relevant information.

NFT Marketplaces

3DNS domains are ERC721 and ERC-1155 compatible and can be exchanged on different NFT marketplaces.

OpenSea: OpenSea is one of the leading platforms for buying and selling NFTs. Its mission is to give the public, even those who are not tech savvy, a simple interface for trading their NFTs. You can view your 3DNS domains on Opensea, list them and buy 3DNS domains on secondary market through Opensea. View the full 3DNS collection here.


NameMaxi: Namemaxi is a platform designed to help users find and invest in valuable domain names. It provides a categorized list of domain names, making it easier for users to discover and acquire domains that are considered highly desirable and liquid for investment or branding purposes. The categories include English words, names, digits, and other popular domain types. You can list your 3DNS domains for sale and Namemaxi, giving an extra layer of visibility to list and sell your onchain domains.

Send and Receive Crypto

3DNS domains , because they are ens names, allow for users to send and receive crypto from them. You can view and use them in most applications and platforms that support ENS such as MetaMask, and Uniswap, making sending and receiving of crypto super easy and simple.


Keeping up with key metrics

Interested in keeping up with some of the key metrics for 3DNS domains and the on-chain domains market? Well, you’re in luck, as community member brandynham.eth has put together a websitewith aggregated data including sales, listings, and mints for 3DNS domains.


With 3DNS, your onchain domain can be used with many different dApps and platforms within the web3 ecosystem. Use the 3DNS Dashboard to handle everything from DNS records to setting up your ENS records on your domain. Check out your domains on the ENS Manager, trade your domains on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and NameMaxi. Plus, your 3DNS domains double as an ENS name, making transactions easy with MetaMask and other DApps. Bring your domain onchain with 3DNS and make the most out of your domains!