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Discover the transformative impact of EIP-4844, known as Proto-Danksharding, on 3DNS. This upgrade significantly lowers gas fees and enhances transaction speed on the Ethereum network, making domain management smoother and more cost-effective. Learn what this means for you and the future of digital asset management with 3DNS.

This blog post goes over the key differences between 3DNS, an onchain domain registrar, and traditional DNS, the system we've relied on for decades.

Web hosting just got a major upgrade, thanks to a new collaboration between Flux and 3DNS. Flux, known for its decentralized cloud service, makes sure websites and applications are always accessible and reliably online.

Domain hijacking, a critical issue where individuals wrongfully seize control of others' domain names through fraudulent or deceptive means, poses severe financial and reputational risks. The article underscores the importance of adopting secure domain management practices, as evidenced by high-profile incidents, and advocates for blockchain-based solutions like 3DNS to enhance digital asset security.

Managing your domain just got simpler and more affordable with 3DNS's latest feature: nameserver forwarding. This new feature is a big step forward for anyone looking to streamline their domain management process, offering an easier, cost-effective way to handle your onchain domain. Let's break down the benefits of nameserver forwarding and how it changes the game.

3DNS introduces a method to access and secure online data that does away with traditional passwords. This change is less about adopting new trends and more about solving old problems—specifically, the hassle and security risks associated with passwords.

Revolutionizing domain management, our approach ensures that nameservers for onchain domains are exclusively read from blockchain data, offering an unprecedented level of security and control over DNS records.

3DNS integrates on-chain and off-chain payments, ensuring secure domain purchases.

Through our integration with Fleek.xyz, 3DNS is taking a practical step forward in decentralizing web front ends. This collaboration cuts through the reliance on centralized providers, directly addressing the web3 community's need for truly decentralized hosting and domain solutions.

The Coinbase Quest we're running in partnership with Coinbase Wallet is making the tokenization of domain names accessible and rewarding for a global audience.

Our Multi-Tenant API, akin to Stripe in online payments, streamlines domain sales by mitigating technical and regulatory hurdles, making domain selling more accessible to a broader audience.

Discover how 3DNS's collaboration with Socket simplifies domain purchases using a wide range of cryptocurrencies across multiple EVM chains, making the process more accessible and efficient than ever.

You can now transfer your existing domain names from traditional platforms like GoDaddy and Namecheap to 3DNS, enabling you to easily manage your domains on-chain!

.box domains, powered by the technology of 3DNS, offer a unique combination of features that set them apart from any other top-level domain (TLD) available today. From enhanced security to seamless integration across Web3 and Web2, .box domains are redefining what it means to own a piece of the internet.

.box, the latest top-level domain (TLD), emerges as a revolutionary blend of traditional and decentralized web elements. As the first ICANN-compliant, on-chain TLD, it offers a unique digital identity through features like decentralized ownership and Web3 integration. This innovative domain sets a new standard in the internet domain landscape, allowing for seamless Web2 and Web3 functionalities. It signifies a historic opportunity for users to establish a distinct online presence, combining the reliability of traditional domains with the cutting-edge potential of blockchain technology.